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Maybe the End was there...

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Guest Wellington

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Guest Wellington


Frank, speaking about what it was like, 1000 years ago:

Maybe the End was there but did not happen.

Maybe someone saw a different future.

I really love these lines from the last minutes of the episode. Frank may have been dismayed by the dark side of the Group he knows he now must fight, dismayed by the thoughts of the people who could help fighting but would not. It seems to me that in these words, Frank expresses some hope. He seems to understand that fate might not be everything, although not obviously.

But how terrible do these lines sound! The End is probably some hundreds of days ahead, maybe it will be man-made, maybe it will be the completion of prophecies. BUT, even with that in mind, Frank can imagine that the End was avoided and that probably no one knew of it. And that History could repeat itself. That is huge! A perfect example of the (biblical) high-end effects of tiny causes. The key of all the problems may be ready, at hand, but where to look for? What is his own place in the jigsaw, then? What range can his own actions have? Is all that worth the pain?

And then, there is still the will of the Group to get in charge of events. I cannot understand why they do not see their business as doomed to fail. Can they really think that they are resourceful enough to bypass a counter-prophecy? Is it that precise event that made their determination and abruptness take over some quiet resolution of the millennial problem?

To me, this is a very good example of how the series comes together. Laying mysticism and pseudo-science side by side, not acknowledging the right from the wrong, but never as wastefully as in the X-F ways. I really wonder what echo these few lines could have had in the final episodes we did not have.


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