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Season 2 R1 Widescreen?

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Guest karadur

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Guest duskfauna

I am unaware of how sophisticated the posters are so if I insult anyone, so, so sorry.

Now, I use my DVD player on my computer. Why?

Configuring 5.1 sound, etc. is a heck of a lot easier and less expensive than an entire new TV set up, DVD player, and lots more wires for those 5.1 or 7.1 speakers. Also, configuring speakers and many features for games, DVD's, etc,

is easier to do using a computer for me. Maybe DVD players are more sophisticated and are up to computer standards? I dunno as I just like the privacy, display, etc. of a computer. There are so many adjustments for the vid card aside from the DVD program video adjustment options. So it's fun for me!

I have custom Nvidia settings for certain programs and DVD's. Some DVD's should be adjusted due to their source. Is it a movie or tv series? If tv series, sometimes one should really play with those settings and make several custom ones using their video card options. I go to "color" settings and play there mainly.

So investigating one's DVD player features and vid card settings might be considered a must and fun.

There are often settings for wide screen and full screen. Sometimes they might be numbers which infer the magnification or just the words full screen, wide screen, etc.

Right click on the DVD player screen or find the menu. Explore all of the features!

No, you won't break the computer. Just self taught and forced myself to do such.

How stupid that I let the video card intimidate me for so long when I could have made my DVD's display brighter, lighter and more lively! Check out your options on that "card." Explore your Control Panel. Your video card may have its own icon or explore all the features of "Display" as a backdoor to the video card settings.

Do not allow those darned DVD's that insist on installing their own DVD player when you insert a DVD.

These "players" are often just more junk on the computer and probably not as good as the one that you already have! Often there are less features. Just select cancel when installation option is given.

And Windows Media Player...nice in an emergency for playing DVD's but I use that for playing CD's mainly. Many are unaware, including my mother, that Windows Media Player has a DVD playing option. The features on this are not the best for me, but that's just me.

So many of you who worry that widescreen isn't available might find that in fact, it is just a setting.

I, too, love full screen but with season 2 decided to go with wide screen.

Using WinDVD 4. Have another DVD player on other computer which uses the "numbers" which indicate the "magnification" for those wanting a form of full screen.

Hope this helps and encourages people to be brave with their computers. Oh, and those who want the best might prefer the a headset for sound too! Nice!

Simply trying to write more posts so that I might move beyond Candidate and Law Enforcement status? Haha!

Still, I must explore this board for "the rules, agenda, hidden and obvious... Taking my time. :ouro: Fatigue from exploring rules and agenda's in life moves me to avoid such when I start on a new board. I'm sure I'm not alone in this for of being totally lazy.

Some of you might recognize Dusk Fauna from another form of life on the web.

Hello to you if you know that name!

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Guest duskfauna

Done! Tx for a well said comment. Will change my only other post too, now, if board hasn't prevented such. Some boards behave strangely regarding editing if one waits too long. Sorry about that!

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  • Elders (Admins)

LOL! I didn't see them but they can't be any more offensive that the purple and orange bedroom my PC's were in! Now its purple and blue! Don't ask!

duskfauna, some handy tips there. Thanks for the post.

We did have a time limit on the ability to edit but it was recently removed as it seemed to server no purpose other than keeping old topics intact, so you can edit your posts whenever you like.

At TIWWA the rules are quite simple but thanks for being considerate to check them out, there's a link at the top of every page. They'll be updated and made simpler soon. Basically, we ask that you always post in the correct Forum where possible, be considerate to other Members at all times and like many communities we don't allow discussion on religion and shortly politics. We support MillenniuM's official DVD release and now that the product is available for fans to own, we no longer support unofficial copies or downloads. We ask that Members be considerate with banners and signatures so as not to ruin the look of the Board or make them too big. We do allow dynamic images in signatures though if you like that kind of thing.

Oh, and we say This Is Who We Are whenever we meet and use the :ouro: in all manner of cool ways!

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