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Look Who's Still Bitter...

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Last year, we had a little ballot box stuffing after a fan site for the show Millennium egged on its readers to vote in the Most Wanted category. The DVD boards were full of "What the hell…?" messages, asking how an obscure title like that could win. I could tell something was wrong because dozens of letters came in in just that category. When 100 letters come in only voting in one category, well duh, something is up.

Let me make this clear: I don't care if hundreds of fans for a show or movie want to get out the vote for their favorite title, but vote in the other categories, too. If it happens again, lots of votes from a fan site in only one category, I will disqualify the votes.

Twitter: @sheriffbullock

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Guest Second Coming

The link works for me. hahaha wow, this guy really can't get over it. I think we should egg him on. There are several options. Someone can do a little research and see what his favorite show is and all email that in and see how he reacts to that. Or we could all send in Millennium Season 3 , some other 1013 show, or some random ridiculous show.

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Guest Demolition Man

I swear the people at IGN are a bunch of crybabies anyways. Perhaps that is why I don't read any of that crap. :alien:

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