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Stop Comparing Xfiles With Millennium

Guest Frank Black

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Apology accepted. I think this is why its best to think before you (anyone) post, a community forum isn't the best place to hang out if you're in a foul mood. You're bound to get a reaction your not going to like.

Matter closed.

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I don't think I will ever buy an exfiles season on DVD. I have the first two of MllM and can hardly wait to but the third.

MLLM examined the nature of evil. It made me think about the human condition. While very entertaining in the first few years, XF was only about a governemnt coverup of various strange phenon. and oh yeah aliens. The cigeratte man can't hold Lucy B.s bra strap as far as an evil character. MLLM was about the state of your mortal soul; XF was about someone is going to make you a zombie or something.

"What you do when you think no one is looking is who you are."

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Guest jebus
Millennium and XF have a lot in common. Their great episodes were great - their humor episodes were forced and both shows ended badly. In the end, they're both great ideas for mythos that were never done right.


The X-Files Millennium was a poor, I repeat poor, episode by standards of both shows. It should be forgotten completely. As for MM returning to our screens, I'd say it would definately work. There are a lot of good ideas in this thread... If only we could do something about it..... :ouro:

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