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Virtual Episode "akuma Odori"

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"Akuma Odori"

September 17, 1999

Written by Eric Davis

I need some information to help me understand this episode? Was the group involved in this episode? Was the guy dressed in black Mabus?

Please I require help from the experts out there?

Archer ...AKA Ron B From Vancouver BC.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone! :santa2:

Previously on Farscape

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Guest WaveCrest
The only episode I'm troubled with is "Akuma Odori"? I didn't understand if the Group was involved or if the Dark dressed man was Mabus? What is your take on this episode?

I don't remember all of the details of this story apart from the symbols on the walls and it being a follow-up to Bardo Thodol. I found it very confusing but I think the Group was involved.

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I need some information to help me understand this episode? Was the group involved in this episode?

The purpose of "Akuma Odori" was to establish Project Auonabara. This was our addition to the mythology, which concerned American and Japanese scientists who used stem cell research (see "Bardo Thodol") to create humans that could withstand nuclear radiation. I'll quote Eric Davis:

"The Millennium Group had sought to create its own apocalypse in order to prove themselves correct. A nuclear holocaust seemed to be a highly-evident means of doing this. In order to affect the balance of such an end, the Group needed insurance against the outcome. Thus, they became involved in Auonabara. The noble forces of the Group sought this information strictly as a means to averting such a disaster, while the more nefarious faction of the Group (read: Mabius) sought to use it as a bargaining chip in the structuring of the apocalypse itself."

And we said that Emma's father was part of Project Auonabara, which was why he was haunted by the images of palm trees. (Because the nuclear testing was done on an atoll somewhere in the pacific.) Maybe this isn't revealed until episode nineteen. It's been awhile since I've read any of the episodes.

Was the guy dressed in black Mabus?

The Dark Suited Man? Again, I'll quote Eric: "He's simply a martyr of sorts. Shamed by the truth about his own involvement in Auonabara, he decided to infiltrate the compound being run by the present-day Millennium Group and their contacts the military and scientific communities."

In other words, not Mabius.

"Akuma Odori" and "In Adventu Dominae" were our attempt to tie together the mysteries in "Bardo Thodol," "Darwin's Eye" and the two-part season three finale. I think we did a good job creating the mythology, but our schedule didn't allow us much time to perfect the scripts so that the reader could understand what we were attempting to say.

This is the summary of the virtual season finale:


Thanks for expressing an interest in our work! It's good to know that people still enjoy reading the scripts.

Twitter: @sheriffbullock

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