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Thanks Earthnut, by all means whenever you're ready send over any quotes you think may be appropriate for the themes; the comic focuses on present day Frank in the twilight of his years and of Jordan becoming a strong independent woman making her own way in the world. PM would be fine.


Also I'm sure Oklahoma would be a fine setting for an episode. My partner's mother is actually from Oklahoma, though I've never been there myself.

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On 3/11/2019 at 9:31 AM, ENGINECOMICS said:

Hi all, so I was thinking, for the MM fan comic stuff I'm working on in the background, about adding in places and people from the forum as a thank you for peoples ongoing support to TIWWA and the fandom. I have a list of main characters, and plenty of opportunity for other supporting cast members. If anyone wants to nominate their hometown as a potential setting for an episode (though traditionally of course every episode should look like Vancouver!), or would like to have their likeness included, please let us know.


Also I want to include quotations from 21st century sources at the beginning of each episode, whether from speeches, poetry etc, so anything you've come across you think might be millenniumistic please include. The themes include mortality, loss of self, and new beginnings.

Oh heck yeah!  I have been hoping that someone great like you would step up and make another Millennium comic!!!  I would love to be of any help!  Just ask me!  I got a fan page with almost 600 followers so I hope that can help spread word if you need it!  I also have been working on my own script for Millennium for a year now,  and only add to it when I have a true spark of motivation and creativity. If I could,  I would love the honor to have my Last name even if it is brief!  Smiley for the win!  In JROTC everyone calls me staff sergeant Smiley. Maybe you can incorporate it.  

And if you'd like,  it would be an honor to have you view my script for Millennium! 


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