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Star Trek - Picard

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I watched the rest of it too, and I honestly can't remember. The final episode was such a huge let down.


Floating cosmic space orchids? WTF? The equivalent of the intelligence insulting zombies in the Millennium/X-Files crossover episode.

Space tentacles? WTF?

'Did you f*** anyone?' asked by a Romulan in the first few minutes - Seriously? Come on.

The Borg Cube - who new the secret all along was to wrap it in a flower. Someone tell Janeway back in the Delta Quadrant!

Picard depicted thoughtout as so old and degenerate he could not operate a computer, can suddenly fly a space craft again and weave through ships, weapons fire and space orchids after simply watching the pilot for a few hours, despite having a long and successful Star Fleet career, piloting shuttles and colossal starships, defining space manoeuvres and having an record as an excellent pilot.

The inevitable finale Romulus/Starfleet space battle stand-off, that never happened. WTF? The Romulan fleet shot down the all powerful Borg resistant space orchids, but said 'ah f*** it, were off' after hearing a speech?

Don't get me started on the final ultimate Picard related sin.

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I thought the Orchids were to stop  craft from crashing? Or did I get that wrong?  Only   the borg cube was too big?   I don't even know what the Picard related sin was.  I am  a fan of the original show.    Spock, Scottie, Bones,  they  are my absolute favs.  Kirk, not so much...  I liked the other shows, but  that is my go to.    I honestly wasn't aware of so many things you all catch, others catch.

 This site is where I learn that things have subtext, shows I mean.   It's opened up a whole area I never thought about.  Writers, their meanings, their messages, continuity...    I'm just a bumpkin... normally, I watch it for the entertainment, for how it makes me feel, if it  entertains me, takes the worries of the day away for a little bit.  This show  did that. 



"I smell blood and an era of prominent madmen"

W. H. Auden
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The finale was kind of trippy, and more in the ayahuasca sense than a MDMA one. (nauseating)

I do actually like that the show takes on Picard's age head-on rather than trying to cover it up, though. Too many young'uns in TV shows, IMO. (One of many reasons I liked MM so much--Lance wasn't a Mulder.) 

Agree the giant orchids launched by the synths from the surface were a bit much, but I also took the space orchids as metaphoric for "Daughter's" father, the botanist who raised her, not Data. It could've been anything the writers wanted, and I'd have done something else, but that's what they did, so we have to live with it ...or not.

The finale left a lot of questions, not the least of which is the vestiges of the Romulan Empire, which we'll need to learn more about in S-2.  (Developing them beyond their traditional adversarial role in the ST franchise is enticing, I think.) All in all, I think Picard was extremely well set up for some great character-driven plot, even if they did go off the rails quite a bit at the end of season. (Happens more often than not in TV I think.) I'd wager they'll be back on track for S-2 premiere, though. I'll be tuning in if Covid-19 doesn't kill me first;)

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Perhaps I should and will revisit DS9 when there's a dearth of contemporary programming. I had a hard time getting into Voyager. I binged it on a long flight, from NYC to Tehran, if I'm not mistaken, and maybe I would've liked it better on a bigger screen, but I doubt it. It wasn't a lack of effects that I didn't like so much as it seemed to be trying to be "politically correct," which I hate in principle in sci-fi. Ppl's views in the future will surely be different from today's, after all.

I actually liked the starting point for the Picard series, acknowledging the time pass and what happens when you're put out to pasture (or vineyard, as the case may be.) I definitely don't need to see Beverly Crusher or Wesley. Picard the renegade captain is a good set up with Star Fleet kind of an obstacle to Picard's goals. 

Yeah, the alternative reality trope (or meme!) needs to go away for a very long time.  I recall ppl trying to inappropriately read that into Mr. Robot which would get me apoplectic!

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Season 2 premieres March 3rd on Paramount+ in the United States with weekly episode drops.  The season is going to be 10 episodes and features Q and Guinan.   There is a bit of time travel element as Picard and cast have to go back to the 21st century (Earth 2024) to stop something that happened to change the timeline of the future (good old Q and his games).




P.S.  Can we get this pinned to the top of the discussion board?

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"Don't tug on that, you never know what it might be attached to. "- Buckaroo Banzai


"There are no answers- only choices."

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I'm so looking forward to the return of TV. Yes, there's been stuff on, I guess, but so many delays b/o Covid. I was reading an article on Picard's return, and it could go off the rails if it isn't done really skillfully. (https://screenrant.com/star-trek-picard-season-2-release-date-story-cast/). This alternate reality angle could get preachy and woke and if it does, I'll be signing off. Hopefully not... 

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