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Hi! Curiosity brought me home! 

It it seems like masks are a great way of protecting oneself from the COVID-19 Coronavirus by protecting others, and hopefully the follow suit. 

But also, it could be a great way of sharing your fandom.

I’m sad to see there aren’t masks to buy, but I thought a black mask with the white  ouroboros would be a good start. A partial ouroboros like on the masthead for M-TIWWA would be good too, especially if it had some series quotes like, THIS IS WHO WE ARE, THE TIME IS NEAR, THE TIME IS NOW, and others. 

I checked the store and didnt see any there. Is anyone thinking of doing this? 

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Visit Maxx's Blog - The New Millennium: The Time is Now - for the newest ideas to come from the mind of Maxx Blackwell.



- Alinardo of Grottaferrata, December 1323 (The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco)

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Hi @Maxx Blackwell

Hope you're well and keeping safe! Sorry for the slow response.

We now have face coverings available in the M-TIWWA Clothing stores. Obviously they are not medical grade in any way (I think those should be prioritised for medical workers) and when I last checked, the EU area store had a different variety of face mask product to the US region store, in that you can add third party filters to the masks.


In terms of designs, I've made some of Baz's lovely Millennium-istic designs available on them, including the hospital patient ID (A. Nephric), the Mark of Legion, and the Selfosophy branding. If you would like to see others from the range added, please let me know, but the darker designs work best on the white products.

US & Canada area:


UK and EU area:




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