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Pig Farmer accused of 15 murders

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When I heard about this guy in Vancouver, I almost could not believe it.  The fact that he is a pig farmer, that there were bodies burried all over the farm, and that it was all taking place in Vancouver/Pacific Northwest, etc...  It just had MillenniuM all over it.  Obviously the pig farmer made me think of The Judge.  The mass grave on his land, that I think he had plans to build over made me think of the strange house out in the country in Maine and the mass grave in Skull and Bones.  And that it took place in Vancouver/PNW just wreaked of MillenniuM.

Here's fairly article from a Canadian new source:  Pig Farmer now accused of 15 murders

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Wow, that's sadly incredible. What a co-incidence to the Millennium Episode "The Judge". Now if it had been an episode of The X-Files :alien:  the press would be having a field day.

The Old Man.

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