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15% discount in our M-TIWWA Clothing Stores

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If you would like to help support us this month, our millennium-istic clothing and apparel stores at Spreadshirt are currently offering 15% off, but the time is near.

UK/EUR store: Currently 5 days left. Valid until 2nd August, 2020 11:59PM (UTC/GMT). Available at https://m-tiwwa.net/uk-eu-store

US store:  Only 2 days left. Valid through July 30th 2020, 11:59 PM (EST). Available at https://m-tiwwa.net/us-store

No pesky codes, just click Redeem from the banner at the top of the stores!

5F8A9820-110F-47B1-91E3-6051D9BBC7A9.jpeg 7E15761A-F025-4FA6-9C70-4A603FADE791.jpeg 8BD69A86-945C-4FA5-B9C9-7713D8029A59.jpeg 5B74AF96-16B7-40F9-9B29-02F7FC3BEB13.jpeg 
Designs and products subject to availability.

Millennium - This Is Who We Are

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    • By The Old Man
      We're very pleased to announce Halloween millennium-istic inspired artwork from the rather awesome @ENGINECOMICS is now available from our M-TIWWA Clothing & Apparel stores! From cursed mugs to tees, jackets to beenie hats. It's the ideal time to treat yourself, ready for this years annual Halloween night viewing! Thanks for helping keep the lights on and huge thank you to Barry for his donated artwork.
      "Never believe anything you see on Halloween." - Reverend M. Goodman

      Over the last few weeks I've also added literally 100's of new product choices and colors to our range of millennium-istic clothing and apparel, as well as making improvements to the positioning of the artwork on many of the existing designs.
    • By Earthnut
      For those of you interested in a T-shirt, specifically the ones with "268" on them, I thought I put together a list of those numbers from the episode, "The Curse of Frank Black" just in case you missed something.  And i case I missed something, please add it.  Thanks.

      the 268 Club logo on the matchbook
      the price of the candle
      the note to Frank that Jordan's trick or treating is 6 to 8
      two football players outfits, 26 & 8 (in small towns they don't play football and have trick or treat on the same night)
      268 shows up on the house that Jordan says "feels bad, and that there are ghost in it"
      radio goes to 826 and it begins to play oldies
      Car engine stalls at 260008
      Watch said 8:26
      ACTS keeps popping up, on the security sign, in the book that was on the floor and mail, (Association of Craftsmen, Technicians and Specialists) ~ Academic Community of Teachers & Students)
      sport scores on TV (2-6, 8-2, 6-2, 6-8)
      The CD player turns on and starts to play the same 1950s music that Frank heard in the car. (same station as before) There is no cd in the player...  (well not exactly, it says 26:08.  Why 50s?  In the 50s was when Frank first got...his gift.
      sees the A.C.T.S. on the back of the security jacket
      Licence plate ACTS 268
      2:68 on clock
      Acts chapter 26 vs 8, "Why should it be thought incredible by you that God raises the dead?"  Clock switches from 2:08 to 2:68
      Henry Crocell's address
    • By The Old Man
      I have seriously thought a few times about asking the rather awesome Barry @ENGINECOMICS to design some T-shirts for TIWWA or the website, like he did way back when for the Back To Frank Black campaign. You may remember them, we used to promote them here way back when, they were so good. In fact I wish I'd had some funds to buy some at the time when I was still working. Not only did Barry absolutely nail the t-shirt designs, they were cleverly designed so that you'd immediately get the MM reference but so as not to fall foul of Fox's copyright lawyers. Reminds me of the days way back, when they used to go around taking whole fan sites down.
    • By WilliamSchindler
      Ok, so in another thread we talked about Franks jacket. Lets take a look at his other stuff, cause from time to time, we all need some little styling advices

      I searched the depths of ebay.com, .co.uk, and .de but nowhere could i find his typical sweaters.
      Hes also wearing them in private as you can see on one of those fabulous convention pics of ty7du. Check it out:

      Can someone tell me the technical term, the name of these type of one button jumpers? Its not Henley!
      Hi all,

      Heres the first batch of ideas for non-copyright infringing tshirts to help promote the B2FB campaign. It was suggested to post this on the main board for general feedback and suggestions.

      A look into my wardrobe would reveal I'm a big fan of Last Exit To Nowheres line of tshirts inspired by places, companies and products featured in many movies. As far as i know they have yet to be sued for infringement, and they've been going for a while now. I was inspired to take the same approach to MM. I have a few other ideas but they'll need more time to draw out, as they're more complicated.

      I'll start with my least favourite. Since doing this I've had another idea for a b2fb logo, or at least symbolic image, for use on tshirts. But anyway.

      More subtle, this is referencing DEAD LETTERS.

      Referencing LAMENTATIONS, Fabricants' fake hospital tag sporting Frank's home telephone number. "Anephric" refers to missing kidneys.

      From everyones favourite ODESSA front company and recurring Morgan and Wong evil corporation, from ROOSTERS. Incidently this is the exact same font as used in the show.

      The twin tailed comet that ushered in the millennium and watcher to the events of season 2. Its been suggested to rename this after the comet in the show, Vansen-West, which is named after two characters from SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND.

      From SOMEHOW, SATAN GOT BEHIND ME, the favourite coffee shop for minor demons.

      Now the Centre for Selfosophy, once an esteemed institution. Kinda. Glimpsed in JOSE CHUNG'S 'DOOMSDAY DEFENSE'.

      More to come.
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