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Long-Haired Man, original actor

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Hi there @ekleberry , great name by the way, and once again welcome aboard!

This is a great question that's bugged me since you posted it, and the short answer is, I have no idea. The actor was as you know unfortunately uncredited in the episode Lamentation, and he is definitely different to Scott Heindl's version of the character in season 2 and 3.



Sometimes I can hardly believe it's the same actor who played Jacob Tyler in The Thin White Line, they did a great job but he looks so much younger than Tyler, to me at least.



So I reached out to the devil's liege Lucy Butler herself, the awesome Sarah-Jane Redmond to see if she remembered who he was. She got back to me earlier and sadly she doesn't know either, she couldn't find him anywhere. I wasn't sure if the scene was filmed with the two actors together in the same scene or whether it was solely post/editing. Probably the latter especially if she seemingly doesn't recall him being there at the time.

If I do ever manage to find out, I will respond here and update our credits database accordingly.



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