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m=1000 - Millennium Tribute by Blithely Menace (2000)

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m=1000 - Millennium Tribute by Blithely Menace (2000)

m=1000 - Millennium Tribute by Blithely Menace (2000)

An amazing and beautiful collection of fan made, Millennium inspired music tracks originally released for free download in 2000. Blithely Menace, creator of each and every one of these brilliant and creative sound collages, originally posted all thirteen of the pieces over a period of time on the Foundry's web page. They originally remained online for a limited period of time. With the exception of World Serpent, they were removed back in 2001.

01. The Midnight of The Century (part 1)

02. Frankly Speaking

03. One of Us

04. Dark Knights

05. Crusaders

06. Revelations

07. World Serpent

08. Jerusalem

09. Fire Brothers

10. Inside My Head

11. The Midnight of The Century (part 2)

Track 0 and 12 were Millennium's opening and closing themes, since available as commercially purchasable music on the Millennium soundtracks, these have not been included here for legal reasons.


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