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The Old Man


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Apologies to TIWWA Members who may have been trying to use the Millennium Message Board or .Millennium Desktop UK yesterday 2nd January 2003.

At approximately 12pm UK Time the Board and website were down.

Confirmation by Wired-Hub (our web hosts) as follows:

Posted: Jan 2 2003, 06:22 PM  

Wiredhub Support Team

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Someone was flooding a customer's ikonboard.cgi script making the load extremely high. So thats why it might not have been accessible. The timeout should not have lasted more than an hour though. The script was removed and the customer was informed. We are trying to work with the customer to get this issue resolved because the attack was only isolated on his ikonboard.cgi and not on the server.

Apologies to all TIWWA Members for any inconvenience caused.

Graham P. Smith.

"The Old Man."

Super Admin.

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Service Status Announcement - Topic Closed.

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