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What could have been: David Chase Writing for Millennium

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Luckily for Chase, on the day he was due to sign on for Chris Carter’s post “X-Files” show “Millennium”, HBO bought in (on The Sopranos).”

Pre-production on The Sopranos pilot commenced in the summer of 1997, a year and a half prior to the series TV debut on HBO (January 1999). This indicates Chase was likely going to be part of the Season One writing (and I presume production) staff.

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Blimey, that's interesting. For 3 reasons...

  1. Its complete news to me!
  2. I was reading an article about him David Chase I stumbled across in the wee small hours of this morning (about the specifically open to interpretation ending of The Sopranos) and it mentioned how David Chase is one of those writers who likes to leave somethings to the audience. This made me think immediately of Chris Carter, and the numerous times Sarah-Jane Redmond has said in interviews that likes this aspect of him both as far as the audience is concerned but also for his actors, in terms of being left to define Lucy Butler to a large extent for herself.
  3. I can't remember but it will come back to me. It may be that Chase didn't create Millennium so his influence may not have been the same as with his own specific creations. 
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