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Morgan & Wong’s Path Out of Season 2

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I’ve heard over the years references to multiple “trap doors” that Glen Morgan and James Wong set in “The Time is Now” were the show to continue into a third season. In the “Millennium After the Millennium” documentary, Chip Johannessen references a then-recent conversation with James Wong in which Wong states they should have spoken about it because there were ways established that would have allowed them to come out of the end of the world scenario they seem to have left. Does anyone know what Morgan and Wong’s potential path forward was or the “trap doors” were? I’ve heard about the post apocalyptic, “The Road” type of route for Season 3, but I don’t know if that was what they truly had in mind or one of a few different options. Thanks!

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I don't know for sure what Morgan and Wong had in mind, but at the time there was a good amount of grousing about it, even publicly. "How were we supposed to write our way out of an apocalypse?" some griped. Well, they did it. It wasn't how I or others might have wanted it or done it ourselves, but that indicates, to me, anyway, there were any number of ways to do it. If I recall correctly, and I might not since I watched it quite some time ago, but Frank S. commented about that being writers' jobs and the whole point in The Millennium After the Millennium. I'd agree. Some people would correctly call it a cliffhanger.

The same thing was mentioned with the S-3 finale. The show wasn't renewed, so it was a moot point. Too bad, because MM had a whole lot more of story to tell, IMO, as it was perhaps the most malleable TV ever, or at least at the time. 

What would you have done Peter Watts?

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