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Access denied

Little Legion



It appears I have a Problem when opening the TIWWA Website. I visited it many Times before but now an Error Warning flaches up, telling me "Acces denied". Is there a regional block for this site now?

I hoped creating an Account would help me to solle this issue. 


Have a nice day everyone and I hope I can stay and contribute a bit in the future! 

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Hi there,

Apologies for that! It was actually not referring to your good self, it was the MariaDB database being rude to Apache, the web server!

I normally get 1000 StatusCake alerts if the site is down for more than a few minutes, but technically it was up, so I wasn't aware.



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Good evening, 

I get it now! It works again, thank you so much! Now I can visit the site again, read everything and maybe soon write Reviews as I'm having the luck for experiencing this awesome tv Series for the first time, yes, that's right, it's not dead yet, New people discover it more often than I thought. I defenitely want to recommend and have my friends watch The X-Files and Millennium since these Series are so worthy of being watched and - in my opinion- have aged beautifully, New Viewers are eased in smoothly.

Anything I can look forward too?

Any cool members I should meet?


P.S.: I shouldn't have named this Thread "Access denied", it shockes me a bit when I get such a Notification, having forgotten about it. 


Looking forward!

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