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Did Anyone Get The Recent Tiwwa Newsletter?

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  • Elders (Admins)

Hi all,

Can anyone confirm if they received the recent TIWWA end of year newsletter (by email) that I sent out last week? I have a horrible suspicion it only got sent to Admin's.


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Guest Second Coming

I got it! I think it was a great update and summary. Mainly for the people that haven't been here in awhile.

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  • Elders (Moderators)

I got it. Lots of bits and bobs of info that are scattered all over the forums, and nicely summarised.

Lots of interesting stuff for all TIWWA-ers, not just us LOFs. :rofl:

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  • Elders (Admins)

Thanks guys. I sent it to all Member groups I'm pretty sure and the fact that one Candidate got it and one didn't confuses me. I can only say it might be a bug in the bulkmailer or perhaps the email address you have registered at TIWWA is longer up to date. Or perhaps your junk filter mistook it as spam if you have one.

I'll repost it here for those who didn't get a copy and thank you for your feedback on it, much appreciated as always!

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  • Elders (Admins)

Dear This Is Who We Are Member,

We're headed to an apocalypse of our creation, namely the end of another successful year at TIWWA Millennium Message Board!

It’s been a fantastic year for MillenniuM fans; in fact we've not had it so good since the show first aired back in 1996. The last twelve months have provided many an oasis in the desert that has been MillenniuM availability.

MillenniuM on DVD – The Time Is Now!

Firstly, we were finally able to get our hands on original top quality episodes of MillenniuM on DVD format. Fans had battled hard for years since the creation of the DVD format to see their favourite show available for purchase. Ours dreams became reality thanks to supporters of the show on Twentieth Century Fox's Executive team. For the first year ever, fans can enjoy uncensored and digitally re-mastered episodes in Dolby Surround Sound with vivid colour and clarity. The UK's legion of fans were the first to receive Season One of the show last July and are now able to go out and buy all three Seasons separately or in a bumper Complete Season box set. Millennium fans in the US and Canada (Region 1) are soon to enjoy the release of Millennium: The Complete Second Season in just a few days time, the 4th January 2005. What a fantastic start to the year! We’ll let you know the release date for Season Three as soon as we find out!

If you Country hasn’t got a release of Millennium yet and you can’t wait to find out more about the show in the Special feature Interviews, don’t forget that thanks to TIWWA’s Libby, you can read more behind the scenes information and facts in her fantastic Transcripts which we are hosting on the Board. My grateful thanks to Libby once again for her hard work and meticulous dedication.

MillenniuM Soundtrack.

Fans of Mark Snow's fantastic MillenniuM soundtrack score can enjoy it legally and in top quality thanks to the release of the “The Best of MillenniuM”, the officially and as yet only release of the score at iTunes. Don't forget, if you don't have iTunes, you can still enjoy the 30 second clips at TIWWA. Fingers crossed that the soundtrack will be fully released to the public in the format of a standard retail CD sometime soon.

New MillenniuM Websites.

Promoting the release of MillenniuM onto DVD Box Set format, Fox launched a new official website featuring wonderful Flash based imagery and great new downloads and wallpapers of our favourite show. Have you found the hidden Easter Eggs on the site yet?

The official 2004 MillenniuM site may be found here:


Another rather odd discovery (by Millennium fan Agent1013) was the Secret Millennium Site, perhaps a previous beta version of the 2004 Official site which can still be viewed here:

https://www.millenniumsecretsite.com/ Check it out and make up your own mind!

Lance Henriksen’s Millennium signed scripts.

It’s impossible to reflect back on 2004 without mentioning one of the biggest developments next to the release of Millennium onto DVD. This year has seen MillenniuM fans clambering to win Lance Henriksen's personal, signed scripts of each episode in the Millennium Script Auctions. Enormous gratitude and respect is due to both Lance Henriksen and Lance Henriksen's Magic's and TIWWA Elder Sue Myatt, Lance for his incredible generosity and Sue for her hard work and devotion in making sure that the script auctions were smooth running, available to internationally based fans and for raising over £11,000 for the charitable cause, Plan International.

Visit https://www.web-magic.demon.co.uk/news.htm for the latest news on Lance Henriksen. Well done Sue!

Cast Websites.

2004 has seen the launch of new official websites from two of MillenniuM’s favourite stars. Firstly, Lance Henriksen who of course will always be Frank Black (even when battling Aliens and Predators!) launched an official website which can be found here:

https://www.lancehenriksen.com/ Lance was also due to appear during October at the London Expo but unfortunately had to cancel due to filming commitments.

Secondly, the fantastic Sarah-Jane Redmond (MillenniuM’s Lucy Butler) launched a fabulous personal website (I would say that because she generously allowed me to design it!) which you can find at https://www.SarahJaneRedmond.com

The site is the ultimate place for fans of Lucy Butler to hang out and discuss her role and the Millennium/Legion mytholgy (and of course other shows) in her dedicated forums. Discussion isn’t limited to Sarah-Jane’s roles and you chat about great shows such as Smallville there. The site also has a great interactive Image Gallery where you can upload stills and imagery of Sarah-Jane. Come on Chrisnu! Don’t forget to comment and vote for your favourite pics and to check out those behind the scenes photo’s of Lucy!

Frank Black Action Figure.

Astute Millennium fans will be aware that Sideshow Collectibles has for the last few months been taking advance orders for a Limited Edition 12" Figure of Millennium's Frank Black. The Limited Edition has reached order capacity and is expected to ship during the first Quarter of 2005. Sideshow Collectibles went on to offer a replacement 'standard' version of the figure which is again a must for fans of the series. The Frank Black figure has over 30 points of articulation, and includes a Webley revolver, old school .45 & holster, pager, cell phone, flashlight, Millennium case file w/ photos, and an X-Files 12” figure display base. You can find more details on Frank here!

Sideshow Collectibles offer a great range of collectibles including The X-Files and the latest film and classic figures, stating "Pre-ordered items are only charged to credit card accounts upon shipping" which is excellent policy and they ship to the UK and US from local warehouses as well as offering international delivery. Look out for a Petition I'll be starting soon to convince Sideshow to make a range of MillenniuM action figures and collectibles! We're grateful for Frank Black's inclusion in the X-Files range, but Frank carrying a gun? Honestly!


This Is Who We Are will also shortly be undergoing an upgrade to the latest version of its platform which will introduce several enhancements and innovations for Millennium fans to take advantage of. The Elders, who moderate and help run TIWWA, have done an excellent job throughout the life time of the website and I wish them all a happy New Year and thank them for their volunteered and continued support.

As a precaution, Members should if they have over 75 Personal Messages stored in their TIWWA Control Panels/Personal Messengers, consider archiving them as I would hate for anyone to lose anything important as part of the upgrade although this is only a slight possibility. There is an option in your Control Panel to archive Messages should you wish. Also Members should make sure their email address at TIWWA is up to date.

TIWWA now has almost 900 Members, over 22,000 individual message posts. Membership has been rapidly climbing since the release of Millennium onto DVD format, with one Member in particular being responsible for over 3000 posts herself! Step forward Ravenwolf! 2004 also brought us a fantastic opportunity to allow TIWWA Members to ask Lance Henriksen all manner of questions about his role as Frank and his varied film and arts career. You can read the full Interview in TIWWA’s Lance Henriksen dedicated section.

We are currently discussing new forums and ideas and I have some special plans for TIWWA too. I'm also currently deep into the process of creating a new skin for the next version of This Is Who We Are, TIWWA v3.0 if you like which should be ready for implementation hopefully before the end of this year, in similar fashion to last year’s upgrade which took place at this time of year. This year’s upgrade will be from the same type of Message Board software and not from one make to another, so we’ll avoid the password hiccup this time! In fact whilst working on the new TIWWA Skin, I’ve had several ideas which will be implemented into a range of user selectable skins in the future. If you have experience on creating Invision Board based skins, feel free to create a Millennium themed version and submit it for inclusion.

TIWWA is still free, contains no adverts, pop-ups or ad banners and is a very friendly and welcoming environment for all Millennium fans. We do have handy links to Millennium on DVD at Amazon to support the site.

You don't have to be an expert on the show and you don't have to feel pressured to get into every discussion on the series. We know that many Members don’t post that often and some have never posted at all but why not at least say hello in our Welcome Forum, you'll find yourself soon discussing with other fans one of television's finest treasures, Millennium.

Finally, I’ll round up this newsletter with some handy links for Millennium on DVD and some great websites, also by saying a heartfelt thank you to all Members of TIWWA’s Elder Team, Erin, Brian, Amrith, Sue, Grace and Tobias for their dedication and for volunteering some of their free time to looking after the forums and Members at TIWWA and of course my thanks to all Members for making it such a warm and friendly community that it is.


Graham P. Smith – Administrator


MillenniuM DVD Links:

Region 1 USA/Canada

Season 1

Season 2

Region 2 UK/Western Europe:

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Complete Seasons Bumper Box Set

Recommended MillenniuM Websites:

Lance Henriksen (Frank Black) Official Website


Sarah-Jane Redmond (Lucy Butler) Official Website


Millennium Desktop UK


The Millennial Abyss


Lance Henriksen Magic


The French Millennium Database:


Ravenwolf’s Millennium/X-Files Memorial Site:



"This Is Who We Are" - MillenniuM Message Board Statistics:


Registered Users: 876

Total Posts: 22055

Busiest Time: 14 users were online on 15th January 2004 - 09:06 PM


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