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Writing essays/commentary on season one--check out if interested

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Hey all! I posted about this months ago, but just wanted to put here that I am doing one essay/commentary a month (I take so long writing them that this is the only pace that makes sense) on Millennium. I plan to do all three seasons. All of the essays I believe are free to read on my Patreon, so no need to pay anything unless you are interested in the other content (mostly other pop culture essays, reviews, painting, and personal writing that I mostly keep behind the paywall). Would love to see some other longtime Millennium fans and hear your thoughts/agreements/disagreements with my assessment of some of the episodes: https://www.patreon.com/LetitiaTrent  (you can find the Millennium tags and just read those ones). This really is a passion project for me because love the show, so sharing purely to see if anyone is interested in engaging. Since the show isn't available on streaming I find my audience on these pretty small so I figured I'd post here 🙂



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Awesome! Checking out the first essay on Millennium's Pilot episode. Hopefully it syncs with my Kobo eReader because I'd prefer reading from there. Incidentally, I began writing a book on Season 1 a year ago...got some 30,000 words in and stopped in my tracks working on other stuff. Maybe your essays will persuade me to delve back into it. Thanks for sharing!

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On 1/19/2023 at 2:35 AM, Gotham Gal said:

Not doing any MM writing myself, but I wonder if a topic simply called "MM Writers' Room" might not help ppl stay on track, get or give moral support, exchange ideas, etc.? Just an idea...

I like that idea. I'd definitely join in.

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