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“Goodbye to All That” Location Implausibility

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Not sure if this has ever been brought up, but I was watching the episode last night and a couple things struck me as odd and implausible. Namely, locations.

Peter Watts lives in the Seattle area, right? After all, we see Frank visit his home in “Midnight of the Century” and Catherine do so in “Luminary.” So then how does Frank bust thru Peter’s front door but work for the FBI in Arlington, VA, not to mention pull Jordan out of school in the Virginia area, all in a matter of hours? Ok, so the time from when he visits Peter to the time he runs out of the school with Jordan’s hand in his own, that’s more like a half day, but still. Plus there’s the scene where he and Peter meet on the side of the road surrounded by forests, then the files in the jeep signaling that Frank and Jordan were in danger. Great episode regardless, just curious what others thought.

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Interesting! I've certainly never noticed that before. Opposite sides of the country, approx a 40 hour drive from Falls Church. Perhaps the Watt's family relocated after the Seattle area Marburg outbreak, I can't recall.


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