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Frank And Season Three

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While watching Season Three I noticed that Franks hair was gradually getting more grey and by seasons end he appeared to have aged about ten years. Yet, watching the Season Three DVD behind the scenes interview, Lances hair is now dark. Coloring perhaps ? Was Lance's hair left intentionally grey for Season Three in order to create a more battered and disillusioned look for Frank Black ?

I found the third season to be a polarising one. There were a number of very good episodes (Through a Glass Darkly, Borrowed Time, The Sound of Snow, Saturn Dreaming of Mercury) contrasted with many poor ones (The Innocents, Closure, Skull & Bones, Human Essence). Frank Black himself looked increasingly dejected and paranoid throughout this season and lacked the sharp analytical skills he portrayed in Season One. I guess part of this is due to the emotional turmoil from losing his wife and the absence of his second sight ability. Franks distrust of the MG and its intentions was also a catalyst for his behavioural change given that he was becoming increasingly wary of the groups subversive agenda.

Overall, Season three was very watered-down compared with Seasons One & Two. None of the episodes had the same "shock" factor as many Season One episodes did nor did they have any deep apocalyptic/religious themes like Season Two. There were a number of spiritual type episodes which tried to capture some of the feel of Season Two (Namely Borrowed Time, Omerta, Bardo Thodol) yet seemed to fall a bit flat in this area. I think it was increasingly obvious that the writers didn't really pay a lot of attention to continuity in this Season since they were probably aware that this would be the final year.

Having said all that, I feel that Millennium was consistently high in quality throughout its three season run and is certainly the most creative and thought-provoking televison series I have ever seen.

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