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Millennium Ourobouros Screen Saver. v1.10 05.11.02

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Now that I have a new computer of my very own, I have availed myself of your lovely screen savers at MLM Desktop.  I had to go with one you designed for my first ever MLM screen saver!  And what better one to start with than the first one you created.

It is great!  I really like the counter clock-wise motion of the snake, literally casing its own tail.  It sort of accentuates the whole eternity-totality-in motion intuitive feel of the Ouro.  I also love the MillenniuM and This is who we are... "fade ins/outs"  Very nice.  I am enjoying it emensely!  Also, the This is who we are... couldn't be a more perfect "tie-in" to the board now.  So all around, I give it 2 thumbs up... 2 severed thumbs!

Just wanted to let you and everyone else know.

It's very fun to be able to avail myself of your downloads now!


Upbeatness to the Last,

:ouro: Scott

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Hey thanks man! :cool:

I'd been secretly hoping you would avail yourself of some of my MLM downloads now that you have the new Beastie!

I originally began trying to create a blue version of Roedecker's private MLM screensaver that eats it's own tail litterally. It was a bit crude, running on his 486! Remember that one? I think it was "The Hand of St Sebastian". Then I got sidetracked!

They were great fun to create and I don't get much feedback on them. I have some new ideas for MLM screen savers that I'm hoping to start work on soon. After the promised "Se7en DVD review", Millennium Memorial and the cleaning of the damn gutters that I still haven't done!

Thanks again.

Gra. :;):

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Yeah, Roedeckers Ouro was great!  That would be a great screen saver!  If you could manage to pull that off I would download that in a second!  Have you given any thought to giving it another try?

Also, I understand about the promised reviews.  I still need to get a review of the incredible S3 DVD KEEPSAKE INSERTS posted, as well as reviews/feedback of the fan fiction/poetry works that have been posted.

Be Upbeat to Each Other,

:ouro: Scott

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