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Hollow Earth Theory

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I'm not sure. A few weird websites noted some world war one and two pilots came across this so called place then as always could not explain where the location of this so called hollow earth could be located.

There was also the theory that the Mammoth that was found preserved perfectly in Antarctica some how lost it’s way from this location and could not find its way back. I just find the whole thing funny that there have been minimal attempts to debunk this theory of an inner earth.

Maybe the Group has something to do with this! heheh

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Guest Seraphim

I first read about the theory as a child. The arctic is where the entrance supossedly is. Hitler believed it and was trying to locate it. It's actually quite complicated and has taken a life of it's own. There are supossedly humans or humanoids with a thriving civilization, various animals that died out long ago on the surface (And some we have never seen), and a small internal sun. One belief is that is where Atlantis existed, or that some of the Atlanteans fled there with their advanced technology. Some people believe that what we would call Aliens come from there. You can connect it with the whole branch of UFOlogy that believes that all the alien races originated from Earth and that there is a war between the humna-like Nordics and the Reptoids and their servants the Grays. They maintain that both sides have underground bases. There are a lot of books on the subject.

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That is quite the analogy in depth for this theory! I Guess Hitler was looking for just about everything back then. I’ll have to do more research on this topic to understand it more.

Do you have any suggestions on good sites or books?


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Guest Seraphim

I'll look through my "channels" and post any books or sites that delve heavily into it. Yes, Hitler's desire for such things is quite real. The Nazi party at it's core was very much like an occult society. He seemed to enjoy fusing Norse/Teutonic, Christian, Hermetic, and general Euro occultism. He really did want to be a sort of ultimate Holy Roman Emperor. His power in a military and political sense was great. He wanted control of mystical and esoteric power as well.

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Guest SouthernCelt

:alien: I'm not sure when or from whom the original theory of "Hollow Earth" originated, but Seraphim is right on. Hitler sent at least one highly-respected (in Germany) scientist with a search team to try to find the entrance to HE in the Arctic. From what I've read, apparently Hitler also held out the possibility that we were already inside the HE instead of outer surface of the globe and conducted experiments to try to determine if the interior of the HE could be detected by beaming radar up.

These are the kind of topics that you can hear discussed on the "Coast to Coast" radio show here in the US. You can also read limited info from the show at

Coast to Coast AM web site. They get into some pretty far out theories. Since I work days, I can't normally catch much of the program if any, but I visit the web site several times a week.

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Guest Seraphim

Here are some books on both Hollow Earth and Hitler and Occultism. I'll post some sites later. I used to listen to that show sometimes. I remember when Richard Hoagland was on and they were discussing The Face on Mars and Cydonia. I won't go into it. But there is evidence he was flat out lying on much of what he said, which was a disappointment as it was quite interesting.

The Missing Diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd

by Richard E. Byrd

The Smoky God: Or a Voyage to the Inner World

by Willis George Emerson and John A. Williams

Lost Continents & the Hollow Earth

by David Hatcher Childress and Richard S. Shaver

Hollow Earth Enigma

by Alec MacLellan

Hollow Earth

by Michael Standish

The Occult Roots of Nazism: Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology

by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

Unholy Alliance: History of the Nazi Involvement With the Occult

by Peter Levenda

Hitler, the Occult Messiah

by Gerald Suster

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I agree with all the posted theories. I've also heard there is relevance to the movies (Raider of the Lost Arc). I think there is substance to all the claims and reports although I wonder if there has been relics of importance found with out public knowledge. Reasons why we would not be informed of findings would be the standard approach (not to debunk religious theories). Although the questions remains are there theories or prophecies that are kept from us for a greater purpose. For Instance I believe the Group Odessa was real?

Any thoughts?

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