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Millennium Season 2 Netflix

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Guest duskfauna

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Guest duskfauna


Thought I'd share and make this my first post also.

I am now viewing/renting Millennium Season 2 from Netflix. I am on the last DVD of the 6 disc series.

Enjoying it but decided to skip, for the moment, "Somehow, Satin Got Behind Me" as it so altered the mood of the rest of the episodes. I'll finish after I'm done with the last two episodes of the season.

To further check out is the availability of this season at both Walmart DVD online rentals and Blockbuster DVD online rental listings. This is a smarter and less expensive way to go for so many reasons rather than purchasing DVD's for some of us.

Glad to be here and share!

I have caught up with so many wonderful DVD television series along or near this genre that it is a joy to rent and saves much money. Yep! Fool that I am, I am now renting from all three sites as I dislike waiting for new releases and want to make sure I'm full of DVD adventures.

6' Under, Tru, CSI, etc. are so much better to watch in season rather than waiting for weekly episodes.

Just thought I'd share.

Personal comments:

Millennium is striking a chord which relates to what I sometimes feel when I'm in tune with a flow, or synchronicity when very interactive with many people. But now I am sequestering due to choice until I feel like coming out again! I still have occasion to feel these interesting "coincidences" even with the little interaction that I cannot avoid.

Just too darned burned out with being "busy" in the populace at present! No other series brought me near that feeling and I've watched many in this genre. So a bow to Millenium, writers, actors, creators, etc. and all of the fans!

Hi! And waving at you all! And, NO, I do not work for any DVD rental company. Haha.

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Guest duskfauna

Done! You're right! So sorry. Perhaps the elimination of blue as a color option might please some. I see you do prefer it for your tag, but appropriate in manner and form as such. Eh, I don't care. It's easy to change.

On a board where the background is white is where I have used blue effectively. I didn't mean to create an astimatic post. Tx. Geesh! I've already upset you and one other poster due to my choice of color. That wasn't my intent.

That's all the feedback I've received. LOL.

Still trying to finish the episode regarding the small convention of devils and their observations. They got one right but missed this one that you and the other "color observant" poster noted.

Now the path to hell is in coin operated laundromats and blue as a color choice for a font on this board. :wink:

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Guest Sanitarium

I like renting too. It saves money. However when it comes to Millennium or any other 1013 show, I buy. It's not only because I like to collect them, but it also shows support for the shows as in the possibility of movie being made or something to that effect. If the studio sees they are making money on something they tend to give it more support.

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Guest ender.wiggin

I also like to rent some shows (even though Millennium is certainly worth buying) but for some non-blockbuster chains, they actually want the full rental price per disk. At $5 per disk (x 6 disk) it is better to buy. Only Blockbuster gave me a reduced rate to rent all 6 disks of Carnivale (Season 1) making it worthwhile...

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