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Tiwwa Version 3

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I'm pleased to announce that TIWWA v3 is now back up and running having received a successful upgrade to the latest version of Invision Power Board V2.0.

The upgrade was delayed by a few months but we finally got there!

As you will have no doubt noticed, TIWWA now features a new skin with animated Flash Banner. Once loaded, the Banner will appear without further loading times and takes less than 10 seconds to load with a quality internet connection.

A separate version is available and can be selected at the bottom of the page for those who prefer to have a standard, non-flash theme. Further skin revisions will follow including a Flash version with no music as a compromise.

Extra language packs have also been installed including Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish as well as German, French and English.

Avatar sizes have been increased to 100x100 from 64x64 and the existing MillenniuM Avatars have been moved but are still available in the My Controls/Avatar Settings page, as one of a number of groups of supplied Avatars.

Should your Avatar have disappeared, please re-select it from the list. If you uploaded a personal avatar, you will need to repeat and upload it again. TIWWA will resize uploaded Avatars to 100x100 or smaller and photo's 400x300. Photo's larger than 150KB have been removed.

TIWWA is now compatible with larger screen displays with a screen resolution larger than 1024x768. Although IPB V2.0 is compatible with FireFox Mozilla Browsers, users of FireFox will see some images which are not correctly aligned. This will be fixed at a later date.

There a number of minor issues to be fixed such as Forum Rules layout.

I will be posting guides on some of the new features but most will be self explanatory such as attachments in Personal Messages and multiple attachments/attachment positioning in Posts. Yes, at last you can upload multiple attachments into your Posts and position them where you like within your posts!

You'll also notice the first two new BB Codes to make your posts more interesting, the Countdown and Inline Frame.

Possibly tomorrow, 15th January 04, the Board will go down again for about an hour or so whilst another special feature is installed.

Invision are rumoured to be adding a spell checker in the next minor update to IPB, if they don't I have one ready to install.

Thank you for being patient whilst TIWWA has been offline. I hope you all enjoy the many new features and improvements.

Special thanks to those who have supported TIWWA by using TIWWA and MDUK's Amazon Links to purchase your MillenniuM DVD's etc - your contributions in supporting and helping to improve TIWWA are much appreciated by all.





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One word, Graham, my old friend.... AWSOME!!!!

You even chose one of my favorite music themes. This theme from the Pilot and the one from Luminary are my two favorites!

The work and time you have put into this show quite well..... Absolutly fabulous! BRAVO, Graham! This is so fitting for the BEST, most COMPLETE Millennium Message board on the web! :ouroborous::Ouroborous_Large:

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Thanks guys you're welcome. You all donate your time to coming here so I have to make an effort! There are a couple of glitches fix over the next few days.

I also want to add on option to switch off the music becasue if you get fed up with it it might become annoying or if you open a topic to read in a new window, the music overlaps. This would leave only the first window playing. This is experimental and there are reasons other forums don't have music.

Thanks again, your comments make it all worthwhile!


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Guest fledgling666

two things:

how do you stop the sound? it was nice the first time, but it gets old.

and the DEN is gone, but you know that, still makes me less than happy, but whatever, it's your thing, not mine, the end......

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Great work with the overall update, Old Man!! It's just that thing with the banner being played over and over again with the music, but you already know what.

Just wanted to offer my help if it's needed, as I have a background in webdesign and am now working as a Art Director/Live action director at the design and postproduction company Visual Art (www.visualart.se).

Long live the Millenium Message Board!!



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