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Millennium Group...illuminati?

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My favorite take on the Illuminati is the trilogy 'Illuminatus!' by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. It is a true cult classic, a brilliant and hilarious satire on conspiracy theory, as well as an epistemological consideration of the subject (a clue: Wilson is big on quantum physics and Heisenberg). Chris Carter has admitted in an on-line chat to having been influenced by Robert Anton Wilson (as well as Colin Wilson's). Surely there must be other Robert Anton Wilson fans on this board!

This is a very cool thread! :smokin:

hey, sorry i forgot all about this post!

well, Illuminatus is a very decent book and i wouldnt be too sure to call it a "satire" at all points. Robert Anton Wilson is a very very good man, i have been in email contact with him for a couple of years now. He is often looked down upon for being involved with the Timothy Leary Acid generation but if you have a look at his background he is a recognised authority on many scientific area's such as Quantum Physics and Philosophy. His writings are often very funny, but he does something that cannot be attributed to many authors...he provokes new thought.

i have many recordings of interviews and lectures by the man, if any of you are interested in these email me on ken@jazzbeardrecords.co.uk and we'll sort something out.


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