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Guest MillenniumIsBliss

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Guest Sheree Dawn
Wow, I just got done watching "Jose Chung's Doomsday defense", and I can't believe how much I had forgotten. First off, I had forgotten how utterly brilliant, hilarious, intelligent and clever this episode was. This was an episode of Millennium, one of the darkest series in the history of television, yet, I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard or so often. Once again, Lance Henriksen displays an incredible acting range in this episode, and all of the regulars who appear, Peter Watts, Giebelhouse, are totally effective in their revised roles in this masterpiece. Charles Reilley also turns in a spectacular performance and, in fact, got a well deserved Emmy nomination for it. As far as I'm concerned, Lance could have easily gotten some kind of nomination himself, as this is one of his best performances. The scene where he plays the fictional detective where he delivers the shot to the crotch is simply priceless and a highlight of the series. Something about that character reminds me of his character in "color of night". I had also forgotten the scene where they used the posters of David Duchovney (sp?) and many of the other small subtleties that made this episode so enjoyable and memorable.

Rather than starting up a whole new thread, I just decided to latch onto this one. I found this episode a bit annoying at times--I'm really not a Charles Nelson Reilly fan; he's like a bad rash. But there was more hilarity in this episode than real drama. I found the image of a Blonde Frank Black to be very disturbing and couldn't keep from laughing at this. This is one of those episodes where you need to watch it more than one time to pick up on all of the little things placed into the background and insinuated . Before noticing anything else, I IMMEDIATELY noticed the book on the shelf with the stripper and the "blood dimmed tide" title. I love it when writers do stuff like this. Reminds me of a Stephen King novel.

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Guest Sheree Dawn
Yeah this episode was great. To be honest I think I like it better than the "X-Files" one. It got into a bit of trouble with the Church of Scientology; makes me wonder if a certain movie star would have had it pulled from the airwaves if it aired recently.

Oh you know Cruise would have had it pulled. The guy got his panties all wadded up over a South Park episode that depicted him "in the closet"

"...just come out of the closet, Tom..."

Amazing how the egos of some people won't allow them to enjoy what is actually flattery.

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In the middle of watching this ep, and they start going on about the out of control actor & the paparatzies, and then they turned to the religion, and it was like OMGosh they are talking about Tom Cruise, arn't they?

and I totally picked up the x file shameless plug..

shakes head...


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Guest Ghostmojo

Just a brilliantly scripted and paced episode - the teaser itself is a brilliant work of prose. Abstractly amusing and thought-provoking at the same time. It deals with so many aspects of the human search for meaning and the personal expression of any realised or revealed 'truths'. It also cleverly satirises the industry that surrounds all of this. And with the two posters of David Duchovny we once again touch upon the amusing notion of the perfection of the male image - hilariously first attended to in the XF episode Humbug. I wonder what DD made of all of that? He often appears to me (at least in the interviews I've seen) to be self-deprecating in the best tradition that his part-British blood allows, and perhaps that is why he relishes the Hank Moody character so much?

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  • Elders (Moderators)

Sadly, Scientology is front-page news once again, because of the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes split. I don't expect that there'll be much damage done to Scientology itself, because there's a lot of money there. But I do feel sorry for their child, who has already been living a somewhat strange life due to being the child of Hollywood stars.

On the other hand, all I've seen of the David Duchovny/Tea Leoni situation is that they seem to be raising their children as normal children, and dealing with their separation/possible divorce extremely well.

I'm still surprised that MM got away with this episode, though.

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David Duchovny and Tea Leoni had a difficult time for awhile. David admitted himself into rehad for porn and sexual weakness. He let it be known publicly. Not sure what all their kids were exposed to. Hopefully none of it.

As you well know, there were a number of ground-breaking episodes in MLM that got away with a lot. The pilot itself was a jaw-dropper, The Judge, drinking blood, and I can go on and on, so I will say, etc. You never knew from one week to the next what you were going to see and hear.

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