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Just Seen Millennium Season 3

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Guest Frank Black

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Guest Frank Black


Yesterday i saw Frank and Jordan walking away together, for the first time in peace. My first opinion about S3 was horrible, now i realisie S3 had some awesome episodes as s1,and s2 had.

I have a hate and love relastionship w s3 final episode. As Klea Scott put it´s in Documentary, "i love it and at the same time don´t". Frank´s relationship to Emma ended about 30 minutes into the show, baldwin died a horrible death. Frank left the F.B.I and his boss. I just felt all the things they did toghether was a bit pointless. Im having a hard time watching s1 and s2, since Millenniumgroup turned bad in S3.

I dunno why Peter and Frank turned on each other like the way they did in S3. Im so impressed with "This is on your head" scene. Peter really went scared at given moment. Irony though,in the end watt´s makes a sacrifies to save Frank.

I just felt it ended to weird and quickly. So many answers and so little giveabouts. Man i hope Emma and Frank will work toghether and be friends again, same with the FBI director. Hell i want to see Watt´s and Frank to become friends again. X-files episode was horrible, i remember it back in 2000 i think, nothing special at all other than "Millenniumgroup disolved", wtf?!?!?!? :devil: Watt´s where are you?.

BTW how can "Emma" replace the retiring FBI director? Begining of S3 she wasn´t a complete FBI agent, im having a hard time understanding how she could replace Baldwin.

Like i said i both love and hate the last episode. and yes i still think Millennium to be one of the best shows out there. Even if i don´t like some episodes, they are still great compared to todays television. I think S1 is the best followed by S2 and S3.

Man i have so many things to say, lol, i think iv´e made a few typo´s in this thread sorry. I want to see Frank again,i wan´t to see the team again...

If anyone decides to read my poorly edited post i would be happy, :)

Im glad, im a member on this site :)

BTW anyone seen the blooper on s3? When franks decides to approach the guy who was charged for child murder/molester? Look closely and you will see frank smile ....lol. dunny why they didn´t fix it :rofl:

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Guest blondton13

:j_sad: WoW! I can sense all the emotion and confusion now that you have completed the series. That gives me something to look forward to as I haven't gotten S3 yet. I remember a bit of what you mentioned and I expect I will have similar concerns! :angry: I feel for you!!! :grin:

I remember when I watched all of S2 in like 3 days...I was so full of questions and confusions that there's no way I could have voiced them all. Maybe if I had watched one or two them then asked Q's but I couldn't wait- it was like a Caramello candy bar staring me in the face!!! :wtf:

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I don't really remember any of season three. I very much enjoyed the DVD collections of season one and two though. It's fun to watch a few shows straight through without interuption.

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