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Gunslinger, what a wonderfuly observant man you are.

We could use someone like you.... :Ouroborous_Large:

Thanks as always Raven Wolf, havent really had a chance to navigate around your msn website yet but I'm trying to get some time, between work and trying to corral my 20 month old its a full time job!!!!, great thread by the way, please keep me in your msn millennium group, I will get there eventually. good to hear from you..Gunslinger

"Have I run too far to get home?"

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Guest ___ L@the_of_Heaven___
What an interesting thread...Gravity Well...very nice post...your words reminds me of Frank's in the episode 'Loin like a Hunting Flame" where he is talking to the detective at the end about the progressive decay of decline of society. My attitude is as follows:

mankind will always be attracted to the more caliginous side of his nature. The seedlings of our sensual landscape are often nutured with the darker, more cabalistic aspects of our imagination. It is only through societal restrictions and the delusions of morality that its purity becomes diluted.

Here is Frank's quote from LLAHF:

Frank:"Sex and death have commingled in one inseparable

impulse. Risk feeds sensation. Sensation makes risk


4th Horseman

"caliginous"... Excellent word (I had to look it up : )

Many are indeed attracted to darker, more somber, moodier things; most of my poetry is that way, although more in a ponderous way rather than overtly violent. It's interesting how people in general seem to accept quite easily that it is our 'nature' to have these darker elements; and, in this I am not referring to aesthetics as in Gravity Well's name and avatar which are a nice examples of Darkness or Moodiness in art. That's one thing, but this discussion was originally about being attracted / repelled by REAL violence or darkness as either comingled with sex or not, and strictly on that basis alone is of which I'm 'speaking'.

As I mentioned, most everyone generally accepts that darkness or violence is a 'natural' part of us as some of the comments from 4H's post above attest, with only 'social restrictions' or 'delusions or morality' implied as holding the 'naturally' dark or violent part of us back. Let us not forget that one of the primary themes running through MillenniuM was that Dark Forces (with capitals : ) are strongly influential in people either being drawn, attracted, or driven to doing some of these ghastly things. Season One very strongly implied this with the manefestations of Lucy, etc. bearing this out. Now, if we can refrain from being secularly 'close-minded' as is very much the powerful current of humanistic society today, perhaps mankinds 'true' nature was not originally intended to have any of these violent or nasty elements that most people just accept are part our 'nature'. Unless you dismiss this concept as completely fictional and merely a plot device, it might be interesting to leave open this possibility...

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I believe that Millennium is full of Black and Gray Morality as well as Gray and Gray Morality.

Something I don't normally agree with because I believe there is Good and Evil, but in all honesty I now believe that perhaps the world can be gray from time to time.

Over all I still believe in b&w but now I see the gray a little more.

Not to mention a wonderful degree of With Great Power Comes Great Insanity.

(Btw, check out the Millennium Tropes Here)

I've never been one for anything Sexaul, I am Asexual after all.

However, this shows the true sexual side of mortals, the reason that it has been b*******ized in today's world.

It's almost disgustingly beautiful. Rape, adulatory, fornication, primal lust. All of which are disgusting. But the way in which they are presented, that is what I find most beautiful about it.

They are represented as disgusting things instead of being glorified in the b******* form the sex has now taken.

It's real, this is what humans are like. It's so disgustingly beautiful...

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Guest sweetmew

funny story of "troubled men in troubled times"ouroborous.gif


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