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Guest LucyButler2000

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Guest LucyButler2000

Greetings all..........

To whet your appetites over the upcoming release of MillenniuM: Apocalypse I figured a good place to start would be in the Music department ;)

I'll post some basic information here and if anyone has questions they'd like to ask then post away.

My name is Mick and I'm one of two composers for this series. Working out of my home studio here in Red oak, Texas has been a very gratifying experience thus far. I usually begin the music creation sessions after midnight (how appropriate) when I get home from work. Theres a certain ambience that can be captured in those wee hours. An ambience that suitably fits the MillenniuM experience.

I'm self taught, have no degrees and do not read sheet music, but I think you the listeners will be pleased with what is coming musically ;)

Thanks to the wondrous advent of 1's and 0's...I too can compose on a large scale. I've invested a great amount of dole to put together my studio and that effort has been paying for itself through commercial jingles, recording other's cd's and quite a few other "side" projects recently.

I'm a huge fan of the Kurzweil line of synthesizers and employ one of the best ones for the sound you will hear. The K2500XS is an awesome composing machine! Samples of orchestral instruments layered over each other, some sound effects, and a lot of mixing down has produced some very cool tracks.

For Jordan's theme I utilized one of the best "bell" programs I've ever encountered in the sampling world (Many thanks to Peter at Pyramid-Sound for the free samples that made this program possible). When you hear it you will understand. I would liek to put up some mp3's in the very near future to give you a sampling of things to come.

There are a few "generic" trakcs that are utilized for just about any scene requiring a "tense" feel to them. others are downright wicked sounding. You be the judge (pun intended).

Thus far, 14 complete tracks have been produced for this endeavor. Many more will follow. I hope you enjoy what you hear as much as I enjoyed creating them.



EerieDreamZ ProductionZ

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Guest LucyButler2000
Well, I for one am realy looking forward to hearing what you've done! 

Hey, when I hook Jason into doing some other movie project, I'm gonna drag you along, too!

May you become the next "Mark Snow"! :bigsmile:


I would be honored to be a part of your project :) and thanks for the compliments :)

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Guest LucyButler2000

When all of this has been filmed and shown, there will be a score of some sort for the fans to download. It will then be a matter of working with the other composer Matt and choosing which pieces of music to feature ;)

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"problem is not all of us have a computer that can download that. Hopefully SOMEONE will come out with a professional CD that we can listen too anywhere. "

Don't worry there will be a cd of the music not only the score but the pop music as well (lack of the correct word for lyric and music compositions). As well as a dvd of the episodes and hopefully an isolated music score bonus feature on the dvd.


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