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Illuminati Conspiracy,

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Guest SouthernCelt
I meant to bring levity to the thread.  I was teasing you, celt.  I guess I did not use words that got the "tone" of my message across.  If I really thought you were an apologetistist for the Masons, and I thought they were an all powerful organization; I would not stay on a board where you could track me down with the black helicopters and all that.  Perhaps humor is not my best skill?


Sorry if I missed your meaning. I guess I was defensive about what you said because another board member e-mailed me privately a while back asking a bunch of leading and somewhat accusatory questions about why I claimed to know so much about the Knights Templar and Masons. The questions had the tone of the old stereotypical question that's used as an example of a question that you can't answer truthfully: Have you stopped beating your wife? If you say yes you imply admission to having beat her; if you say no, you imply that you're still doing it.

A lot of what I've said about the Masons truly does come from research I've done regarding the organization's involvement in one specific period of American history. That research shows that a lot of people have reasoned things out of circumstantial evidence and have drawn conclusions about the Masons where there is no truly factual, recorded historical information. As with any prosecuted crime, it's always questionable to get a guilty verdict from presentation of circumstantial evidence. That's what I feel most of the "expose" web sites do where the Masons are concerned -- accuse and condemn based on one person's evaluation of circumstantial evidence.

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very reasonable response....

I do believe there is a conspiracy,but I believe it to be supernatural dealing with principalities and powers.. what ever role the masons, or the illumnati, or the golden dawn have played in that is as pawns, not masterminds

but I can't prove it!

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