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Guest CyberDude

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Guest CyberDude

This episode has numerous references to numbers 2, 6, 8, I myself spotted around 16 of them. What I found also curious was about the title of the episode itself. As it appears on the screen it looks like this:


If you count the small letters involved in the words we get:


OF --> 2


Now how's that for a coincidence... or not?

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....And all this time I thought you were talking about that new show "Numbers".

(that they made the "s" backwords in, I think.... What a Se7en rip-off!)


actually I was refering to the new tv show 'Numbers' just a bit of tongue and cheek to go with it.. :tasty:

This is who I am ... :wtf::jumping:

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Guest blondton13
There is a very enjoyable movie that uses puzzles and anagrams.    :grin:      It is called ' Sneakers' with Robert Redford, Sydney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix, and David Strathairn.. and the invention of a code breaking machine that can break any code..  :tasty:  :ouroborous:


I LOVE that movie!! :bigsmile: I really dug the blind guy who figured out the way to a place by listening to the sound of the road! That was too cool! And Dan Ackroyd with his paranoia- "You know the moon walk was fake-they filmed it at Norton Air Force Base in California." I used to go to Norton when I was a military brat in college-I lived right next to it. They also filmed a movie there about a group of guardian angel ghosts-it had Robert Downey Jr. in it-the title had "Hearts" in it but I can't remember it! :wtf:

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