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To me season 2 was like a rollercoaster ride, would have some really good epi. then all of a sudden some really piss-poor eps. It seems to shine away from season 1 regarding the heaviness and the gloom but gave some real good performances by Kristen Cloke and Megan Gallagher. i dont think Morgan and Wong stunk it up but it really lacked Chris Carters direction. Alot of the stories where inventive and quirky. It was hard to hate Jose Chung and Satan got behind me. Here we go....

The Beginning and the End: B Good conclusion but the start of making millenium group evil. i dint like that

Beware of The Dog: B Not my fav, but it introdues The Old Man one of my fav characters

Sense and Antisense: D didnt like it.....story seem like a X-File....the flow of the story poor.....gave me a bad taste in my mouth.

Monster: A one of my all time favs.....great acting great story

Single Blade of Grass: C What is this? intresting story but fell short

The Curse of Frank Black: A nuff said

19:19: B....i liked this one but the tornado looked so fake

The Hand of St. Sebastin: A Hands down awesome! but didnt like CCH Pounder as the bad guy, shame on you morgan and wong.

Jose Chungs Doomsady Defense: A...i wanted to give this a B, but it made me laugh out loud...wife loved it

Midnight of the Century: A great to see Darren McGavin as his dad.

Goodbye Charlie: C didnt get into this one.....missing something

Luminary: A wanted to give this a B, but I loved the cinematogrophy

The Mikado: A awesome!

The Pest House: C out of sync

Owls: B

Roosters: B dont like them messing with the Millenium Grp

Siren: C good story but still looked shaky to me..love Vivan Wu

In Arcadia Ego: B good plot

Anamnesis: B great story but the acting by the teens bothered me...over-acting

A Room With No View: A i had to watch this twice, loved it the second time around...Lucy Butler you little devil

Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me: B love the idea but they need to get back to the doom and gloom. Isnt the title a name of a bluegrass song?

The Fourth Horseman: B

The Time Is Now: B The Killing of Catherine bothers me still.........but it was a good ending to this season

Extras: C seem very short to me...wish to see more stuff included like in the X-File DVD Set

Season 2: B

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Guest fledgling666

here's mine:

The Beginning and the End: Good conclusion to katherine's kidnapping, good story forshadowing about the possibility that katherine has become a liability for frank, good that frank finally brought his demons out into the open and disposed of them, too bad katherine couldn't see it and decided frank needed the boot for saving her frickin life!

Beware of The Dog: Not my fav, but it introdues The Old Man one of my fav characters (just used yours, cuz i agreed with it).

Sense and Antisense: one of my favorite episodes.

Monster: i hate this one, more for subject matter and laura means than anything else. both are just disagreeable, as well as the ending scene that never went anywhere.

Single Blade of Grass: i think it was good, i may have done a few things differently, were i in charge, but nonetheless, was an emotive episode for frank, was a good glimpse into his final decision in the final 2-parter, that there was "no Millennium."

The Curse of Frank Black: a good episode, with some really good parts and some not so good parts. i like the ghost, but not AS a GHOST. why is frank seeing ghosts now? i thought his vision, his gift was just the product of experience, not psychic ability? what happened? but i did like the simple lesson the ghost taught frank about caring, about paying attention, about not giving up.

19:19: i liked this one but the tornado looked so fake (agreed)

The Hand of St. Sebastin: A Hands down awesome! but didnt like CCH Pounder as the bad guy (thought that a little odd too, but she pulled it off, except i was confused a bit watching it the second time, not sure if she was the bad guy at first, because i forgot how the storage locker scene went).

Jose Chungs Doomsady Defense: ok, as funny as it was to me, i was pissed when it came out, thinking, "ya know, i sit here waiting, and waiting for the next millennium episode and they throw this comedic crap at me." ya see, i don't do comedy, like, ever. i hate comedy, i have to turn the TV off or leave the room when will farrell is on it. i loath and despise jim cary, i hate chris rock, but chris tucker was funny in Friday. i just can't stand comedy, and then to ruin my absolute favorite show, in fact the only thing i watch the TV for, with comedy, was just horrible for me. i watched it again last month and forgave them for it, it was a welcome light moment after knowing how the whole story pans out.

Midnight of the Century: sad and lonely. this episode depressed me, angered me, etc. but i think it was because i somehow fell into franks shoes for a bit while watching it, recently too. good, i like stuff that does that to me.

Goodbye Charlie: missing a lot, like a plot, a reason for being, etc. but it did raise a good question from the group- do we serve to protect or to arrest? and if you know what that means, you understand the group's change, you understand why they went from simply helping police find murderers, to becoming a more controlling machine.

Luminary: good, depressing and uplifting episode all wrapped into one. also compounded with the fact that i saw "Limbo" around the same time.

The Mikado: eh, not so much. yeah, it was a decent "killer" episode, and i liked how it wasn't like a ritual gross-fest, just a simple killer that uses guns instead of knives for once, no satan worshipping, just music, no evil connections, just an assassin of sorts. i liked it, but it was lacking depth, to a slight degree.

The Pest House: out of sync (agree, but would like to add- was a good precusor for Matryoshka, and not a bad episode, but somewhat disjointed and the urban legend stuff was a little lame. i liked the patient that killed the evil in the end though, just did what was necessary, that, in itself, almost redeems this episode fully).

Owls: godd and getting creepy, but a little too soap-opera/comic-book-like. i guess it was hard to show the transition of a group from light into darkness. i just wish i could have been director or writer, director of photography, something. anyway, it was good, i liked it, but it could have been made to have even more tension, even more dark, underlying terror.

Roosters: B dont like them messing with the Millenium Grp (we know that, but they did, and that's that. i never took the millenium group as a "good" thing. even after the first season, i told the girlfriend i had at the time "that group is too suspicious, i bet they are going to be a negative thing soon" or something to that effect. the group was meant to go bad, but maybe not the way it happened here. a good episode, but it isn't ever clinched until "Skull and Bones".

Siren: good but i want to know how frank got the question he needed the answer for from what she talked to him about in the hospital, or did he really just hear "what [he] wanted to hear?"

In Arcadia Ego: hot, young lesbian, but story was horrible. and why are peter and frank not getting along one episode, then getting along fine the next?

Anamnesis: um, acting bad, story bad, idea good, family lame, what else?

A Room With No View: i just think Malcolm in the middle's oldest brother is at it again. lucy has got some hot legs in this one, but she isn't in it much, just a few sexually suggestive scenes.

Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me: it started out ok, but dragged on and on. the best part was Broadcast Standards and Practices, and that was only good because that guy looks like the singer of Talking Heads and plays a freaked-out geek pretty well.

The Fourth Horseman: one of my favorite episodes ever, we finally get the 2 men alone and get down to the meat and bones of their relationship or the lack there-of. we also get to see, for the first time, the group's real depth and reach into things powerful enough to do real harm.

The Time Is Now: katherine dying at the end of this one just meant more gloom for the next season and i was all for that. i was very depressed during the time Millennium first aired and i was happy to be depressed. i don't know, something was wrong with me, but as sad as it was that she died, it made the story good. it destroyed frank, and so he had to rebuild himself, and so he does, in season 3.

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