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The Frenchman

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I was just ina local store called Dollar Plus and I spotted 4 copies of The Frenchman, adapatation of the Millenium pilot- in the books section selling for $2 a book.    I do need to buy a copy but I didn't have the money to get it today.   So I need to go buy it because I have the other book in the Millennnium series.   I have been looking for The Frenchman. Have a better one.

Be Seeing You,

David Blackwell

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Guest LauraKrycek
There's a store near my house (home home, not college home) that always has several used copies of each book for $3-4 each, and I know there's a book outlet not too far away that always has new copies, though I'm not sure how much those run (probably the same or less).  The first store occasionally has copies of the books on tape as well, which I've thought about picking up just because I like to do things instead of just sitting there, and there's not much I can do while reading, other than knit (and not very well, believe me, reading or no).  They also always have XF novels\tapes, Quantum Leap novels, and occasionally I'll even find a "Space: Above and Beyond" book there.  It's also where I found my first copy of the tape "Pilot\Gehenna".  Great little store.
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