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Guest Second Coming

Thank you, thank you.  I'd like to thank my family, friends, my mom, my dad, my beautiful wife. Thanks for helping to make my dream come true...*slaps self in the face* (Snap out of it!!!)  ......uh yeah, I've got over 50 posts now. They're all gems* i'm sure.

*pile of crap


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... and the academy...


Hey, wait a minute!  Don't we get to "trick bag" his ass first!  :ouro:

Congrats, Second Comming!  Your "gems" have made our community that much "richer."   :laugh:   Seriously though, thanks for your participation on TIWWA!  Only 200 posts more, and you are a full Member of the Group!  But who's counting...

Upbeat Vibes,


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I would also like to extend similar congradulations to voidprime, aka David Blackwell.  He has also recently acheived Initiate status in the Group!

Now sit your ass down in that chair!  And make sure you swivel around and look each one of us directly in the Avatar when you reply to us! :O


I also want to thank him again for his fairly lengthy contribution to the fan fic forum!  Keep up the good work, David!

Upbeat and away,


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  • Elders (Admins)

Yeah well done guys! It's been a pleasure to sit back and watch you all making something of the Board and using it's facilities. :ouro:

After 250 posts we Elders get to drag your sorry Millennium asses down to the River for some blood letting!

If you though that private Message was scary when it happened (still laughing about that!) then beware the knock on the door!  :devil:

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