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So Far, The Best Disc?

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Guest MillenniumIsBliss

which DVD disc is the best from S1 & S2  

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  1. 1. which DVD disc is the best from S1 & S2

    • S1, disc one: Pilot, Gehenna, Dead Letters, The Judge.
    • S1, disc two: 522666, Kingdom Come, Blood Relatives, Well-worn Lock.
    • S1, disc four: Force Majeure, Thin White Line, Sacrament, Covenant.
    • S1, disc five: Walkabout, Lamentation, Powers Principalities Thrones, Broken World.
    • S2, disc one: Begining And The End, Beware the Dog, Sense & Antisense, Monster.
    • S2, disc two: Single Blade Of Grass, Curse Of Frank Black, 19:19, St. Sebastian.
    • S2, disc three: Doomsday Defense,Midnight of Century,Goodbye Charlie,Luminary.
    • S2, disc six: Somehow Satan got Behind Me, Fourth Horseman, Time Is Now, stuff.

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Season two disc six. For me the choice was easy. The Fourth Horseman and the time is now, are the episodes that I go back to time and again. We lose Lara Means and Catherine Black in those episodes, which is so sad, I liked both those characters. But it's heartwrenching and the visuals as Lara is going insane are the best . Peter WAtts quoting the scripture I find most haunting in the bible, and the whole storyline in those two episodes just grabbed me.

"I smell blood and an era of prominent madmen"

W. H. Auden
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signlol.gif I don't even remember my vote; I will have to look back and see. And, if I voted again today, I'm betting it would be a different answer. How about picking our favorite from each disc? I'm thinking it would be just a tad easier. teehee.gif


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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