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Guest BlackJack_2000

well, as i'm currently embroiled in schoolwork (i'm a college student), it'll be difficult to find some free time. but once I do, the first review I'll submit will be for the Pilot episode. it's a good place to start. sometimes there will be episodes that I won't be able to review, this will usually boil down to the episode being rather dumb and poorly executed, to such an extent that I would rather not revisit the episode at all.

For example, 'The Wild and the Innocent', I recently watched that and I didn't like it at all. i thought it was confusing, slow, unrealistic, basically that whole episode felt like those made for TV movies that proliferate the Lifetime Channel. it was melodramatic in the extreme, it wasn't at all focused, and frankly, you really didn't care all that much about the people involved. The only shining moment in the episode had to do with the sweet family moment between Frank, Catherine and Jordan. Jordan playing around with her father, and then asking rather innocently of her parents if they plan on having another baby, and how it would be nice to have a brother or a sister. That's really the only highlight in what was otherwise a rather dull episode. The voiceovers were pretty cool too, but that's about it.

well, that's my review of that episode, in a nutshell. don't worry, once I really get into my stride, I'll have plenty to say about the episodes I DO like. and when i do get into my stride, I'll let you know, and then I'll just email the reviews to you for you to use on your website.

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