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Your Favorite Season of MillenniuM

Guest Second Coming

Your Favorite Season of MillenniuM  

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Jesus, that's a hard one.

I wish you had included an option for 1 & 2!

Gra. :ouro:

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Guest Cookyman
I chose season 2.  All seasons had their plusses and minuses but despite it's flaws season 2 was the most imaginative season and took Frank Blacks adventures in a whole new direction.   :devil:
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Well, at one point it was season 2, then season 3.  Finally, a actually grew to like each season for their own unique and powerful qualities.   I truly single out one as my fav.
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:ouro: At first, I would have said season 2, but, now, I've learned to appreacite them each individualy...as each season was unique, and had something new to offer. :ouro:

Raven Wolf :ghostface:

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My favorite season has fluxuated over the years.  At first it was season 2, then season 3, and later season 1!  Then, I came to a place where I don't favor any one of the season over the other.  The each have their own unique appeal and quality.


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Guest Justa Fan

I'd have to say Season Three.  Probably the

least popular with Millennium Fans.

Season Three grabs me because Frank is starting

a new life and dealing with the remains of his old

life.  Also, it's the season with Art Bell in it.  I'm such

a fool for Art Bell's radio show.


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Guest MSandt
I have to admit that I haven't seen season 1 at all. The first episode I saw was 'Beaware of the Dog'. Since that I have seen them all. Anyways season 2 is clearly better than season 3 - 'Midnight of the Century', 'The Curse of Frank Black', 'The Mikado', 'Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense' - all great episodes - and of course 'The Fourth Horseman' & 'The Time Is Now' - best episodes every of any tv-serie.
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Kill me now...but I really wanted to DIVORCE Catherine after her goofy change of heart toward Frank after his unbridled wrath was taken-out on the polaroid killer.  Man...I just couldn't put up with that!  Hey wife!  I just saved your arse from a tortuous death!!! So, season 2 was a bit hard to swallow after that relationship change.

Season 3...it felt too watered down, a real let-down.  1 was quite intriguing...the ONLY show I ever  put on my personal schedule to watch every episode.  2 was great...except for good ole "I hate violence and I hate the Group" Catherine.

Whew...I said it...


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