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Your Favorite Season of MillenniuM

Guest Second Coming

Your Favorite Season of MillenniuM  

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Guest Roger.F

I enjoy all the seasons both as individual work and the continuing story line, but my favorite is season 2. It has so many great episodes :thumbsup:

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The darkness of Season 1 was great wasn't it? S2 has quite a clear lead on this poll!

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Guest notbadforahuman

I enjoy all the seasons both as individual work and the continuing story line, but my favorite is season 2. It has so many great episodes :thumbsup:

And Lara Means! :pumpkin3:

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All 3 seasons had fantastic episodes, but season 2 had some of the most emotionally stirring and profound ones, whereas 3 was more into the story of each episode, with a few exceptions of course, which I believe was the same in season 1. Even though season 1 was captivating, season 2 had an even more personal grab on Frank and the audience with episodes like The Mikado, Luminary, Anamnesis, A Room With No View......... And, 2 began to get into the Owls and Roosters more, which flowed into season 3.

Without a doubt, this show was definitely one of the best shows ever that has aired. The fact that it still has a large following (here, Facebook, BTFB, etc.) proves that.

It definitely is easier picking favorite episodes over a season, but I believe there may be more favorites in season 2 then in the other seasons.


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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One, no doubt, definitely season one. First of all, let me say that every season has great episodes. With that being said I just didn't buy what seasons two and three were selling, group-wise. Did the wise Old Man condone or even instigate mass murder and chemical warfare? Was the morally sound crybaby Peter Watts really a bloodthirsty criminal mastermind? Come on, that's ridiculous. But my main issue is not with any particular individual, it's with the Group itself and how it was presented in the two follow up seasons. I'm just so sick and tired of the Hollywood cliché that doesn't even leave room for a possibility of a benevolent group of people with influence. It's just so American, every group of people with more than five dollars and twenty brain cells between them are automatically evil. I don't know, maybe I fooled myself into believing that Millennium stood above all that. Shame on me.

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