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Lance Heads for Inner Space

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........yes,a new friggin agent would help i think. i know that there are many lance fans who salivate at whatever he does just because he is in it. i am NOT that kind of lance fan. i simply cannot motivate myself to watch the "stinky-sh*t" he allows himself to be in.-(even as camp these movies suck the big one!)- i think ole' lance needs to be locked in a darkened room,with his japanese lasers,and forced to watch the enitre run of MM at least 3-times,have someone remind him that this was a peabody award winning show,as well as a emmy nominated,golden globe nominated,people's choice winning show. then unlock that door to his darkened room and have him sent on his way with a NEW agent at a NEW talent agency.

       ...hell,even the 3-movies he has done since MM that i REALLY want to see are not seeing the light of day for some reason. i'd give anything to be able to see thomas j. wright's first feature film,starring lance,about a B.C. prison. at least put the freakin' thing on dvd!!!!!! :angry:

     ~what a waste of raw talent,it really is sickenning.

                                   ~se7en :ouro:

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Do you think he has just decided the this is the life he wants?  Do you think he just wants to have fun and not a lot of pressure of getting the proverbial blockbuster roles?  Do you think he just want to do lesser things so he has more time to just do what he wants to do?  Or do you think it is might be a kind of self-esteme thing that he takes roles that are obviously beneath his level of talent and power of performance?
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.......from everything i've read about him i do tihnk he has this overwhelming need to keep working in films. i do know he loves the horror genere BUT,and this is a big BUT,he has never done such a string of aweful sh*t in his entire career accoridng to what i gathered on the internet movie database. i really don't know the reason he is doing this. maybe he feels insecure about getting older in a "younger" industry and feels compelled to take whatever he can get. maybe he wants quantitiy over quality. or maybe he just enjoys doing what he is doing(???)   all i know is i DON'T enjoy what he is doing and seriously think he may have damaged his credibility by the choices he has made. i hope like hell i'm wrong,but if i'm a casting director,and i'm looking at what an actor has done over,say,the last few years,i'm gonna read his list of projects,laugh hystericly,and move on down the list. i really don't mean to sound mean here but,say it with me: "HE'S TOO GREAT A TALENT TO BE DOING THIS HORSE-sh*t!!!! he has more talent in his pinky-finger than 90% of the other actors out there...............BUT NO ONE GETS TO SEE IT ANYMORE :angry: !!!

                              ~I'LL CALM DOWN NOW :gaba:

                                                   se7en :ouro:

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Guest Cookyman

I agree with what everyone says about Lance's choice of roles in movies.  I reckon Lance just likes to keep busy regardless of the work.  He's always been in a lot of trashy movies - hell he was even in the A-Team!

I reckon Lance is under appreciated as an actor and has been for many years.  Some producers do recognise his talent but not enough of them give him the roles he can really get his teeth into.

Many people still see Lance as a character actor which is a shame as all the MM fans know what a great lead he is.  I have been a big fan of Lance for many years - since the early 80's in fact.  Anyway I'm sure Lance is aware of all his fans and I'm sure another brilliant role will come his way soon.

Oh can anyone confirm the following rumours -

Does Lance have a small reprising role in Terminator 3?

and is he gonna be in the Aliens v's predator movie???

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