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I dont know if it was recent or not maybe a few years old but I caught her on a TV movie on umm... i think TNT or oxygen (my wife was watching it...*cough*) and she was playing the daughter in the movie, I wish I could say more I didnt watch it. And I also caught her on an episode of outer limites. I also know right after MM she had a really small role in the Jack Nickolson Movie the Pledge.


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Yep, I think she'll always have a special place in the hearts of Millennium fans. It'll be strange to see her appear in later films etc as a grown woman. Makes you feel old!

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It'll be strange to see her appear in later films etc as a grown woman

Agree! I know it can be really hard for 'child stars' to transition into teen/adult actors; here's hoping her carreer takes her wherever she wants it to!

MovieMaker, are you talking about that movie Door to Door? It was a made-for-TV movie starring William H. Macy, made by TNT in 2002. Brittany Tiplady played somebody's daughter, I think his (IMDB's not so helpful in tracing the lineage). I must admit I didn't watch it, but probably should have.

I caught her in an episode of 'Night Visions' a helluva long time ago (like 2001) - it was a short-lived series basically like 'Twilight Zone' that had half-hour episodes. She was in an episode called 'Neighborhood Watch' and I have to confess I can't quite recall what happened in it.

I seem to recall she'd be scaling back from TV/film to work/concentrate on dance - is that true/still true, anyone?

- nothing.

p.s. has anyone mentioned the hummer commercials yet? I think that's the last time I saw her on something newly-run on TV.

and she's 14 now :happybday: - birthdate January 21, 1991 (has late momentary birthday celebration :fool: ) I only remember more or less b/c she's a year older than my siblings

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