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Yeah, I bought season I of Profiler and trust me, not even close to MM whatsoever. I watched the Pilot episode and have failed to watch any others.

Everything that has already been said is very true.....without question.

A thought expressed by William James in 1902 and quoted by Wells deserves renewed attention: [Cleckley, 1988 5th edition]

Yonder puny fellow however, whom everyone can beat suffers no chagrin about it, for he has long ago abandoned the attempt to “carry that line,” as the merchants say, of Self at all. With no attempt there can be no failure; with no failure, no humiliation. So our self-feeling in this world depends entirely on what we back ourselves to be and do. It is determined by the ratio of our actualities to our supposed potentialities; a fraction of which our pretensions are the denominator and the numerator our success: thus, self-esteem = Success/Pretensions. Such a fraction may be increased as well by diminishing the denominator as by increasing the numerator. To give up pretensions is as blessed a relief as to get them gratified; and where disappointment is incessant and the struggle unending, this is what men will always do. The history of evangelical theology, with its conviction of sin, its self-despair, and its abandonment of salvation by works, is the deepest of all possible examples, but we meet others in every walk of life….How pleasant is the day when we give up striving to be young—or slender! Thank God! We say, those illusions are gone. Everything added to the self is a burden as well as a pride.

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Yes,Sad Eyes, I've seen "Profiler" quite a few times. There is no comparison with MillenniuM. MM was much more raw, to the point, and it drew you into the characters. The plots were sublime, and the actors were supreme. Profiler doesn't hold a candle to MM. The characters are weak, the plots dry, and the entire ambiance of MM was no where to be found. It is funny how Profiler got so much airtime, but then again...it was playing to the "average American". MillenniuM lovers see through that, and know MillenniuM for what it was, and is. A beautiful show with likable characters that took delicate subjects and made them understandable. A show which had the cajones to step above the bar and deliver hard core reality (and not so real) to the masses, not just the "average American"-which sadly to say,is not a base group I would take recommendations from. So,in essense, comparing to two is like comparing apples to oranges...there is NO comparison! At least, that is my take on things. I could be wrong, but it's doubtful. :rofl:  :wtf:  :tongue:


Uhhh... yeah... What she said! :clapping::smokin:

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Profiler aired longer and more successful than MillenniuM

not sure what you mean by more succesful[ly] than MillenniuM, but it only ran one year longer because the main actress left after the third season. My dad and I had a nickname for her - BadActress, all one word. It was odd that two shows with chacters with however you want to call the ability to see into the killer's mind began in the same year, and both were partially inspired by a movie called Fear (the 1990 movie, not the 1996 one). There were suspisions of espionage on someone's part, but I know CC didn't pull MillenniuM out of nowhere, and haven't really cared to investigate the impetus for Pofiler. Profiler beat MM to DVD, but that's about all it beat it in. The atmosphere of MM was much better, as some have said, as were the characters; and the stories weren't drawn from the repetitive 'cop show' scripts. The main 'evil' in Profiler was a crazy man obsessed (against all odds) with the main character (a woman, I can't remember what kind of title the job carried, like det. or not). And it really got old quickly - not just that character, the whole thing.

How many Profiler fans do you suspect are still discussing their show on the interweb right about now? (And if they are, I'm not sure I'd like it brought to my attention.) :fool:

- nothing

(coincidentally, Profiler and The Others ran back to back for a brief moment on NBC)


this is who we are

we can't just sit back and hope for a happy ending

i couldn't swear it wasn't just an incredibly realistic simulation. not just the scenery, my whole life.

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Guest Father Karras

I may be repeating what is already well know information, but I believe CC pitched Millennium to the network saying that it would be alot like the movie Seven. I think it was on the season I dvd extras where there is discussion about CC being a big Silence of the Lambs fan as well as a fan of Seven, and that he wanted to combine many of these elements into Millennium.


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