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M=1000 Songs/cd Question

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Ethsnafu...this thread has now peaked my interest, if only to hear The Old Man swear!!!!

Since i of course HAVE partaken of the forbidden fruits of P2P :devil: , (thererby rendering any sense of concious or moral rectitude as highly suspect):eyes: , I was one of the lucky ones, able to obtain a copy of the first season's promotional music which includes Jerusalem. Magic, i dont know what i can offer you in way of explanation as to the origion of the song, logically, i would have thought since it possesses a middle-eastern flavor, it would have been used in either "Owls" or "Roosters", since the episodes dealt in part with the Middle East. However, that does not appear to be the case.

Jerusalem, along with the following pieces..

1. Midnight of the Century part 1/2

2. Frankly Speaking

3. One of Us

4. Dark Nights

5. Crusaders

6. Revelations

7. World Serpent

8. Inside my Head

9. Fire Brothers

do not appear anywhere in the first two seasons of MillenniuM...it is possible that Snow wrote these with the origional intention of including them in certain episodes, (Fire Brothers obviously in A Single Blade of Grass,etc), but either time constraints or relevance to the show were reasons they were not embraced.

To the New Number Two..World Serpent is the song with the piano over the background of waves lapping softly against the shore..

anyway, sorry i could not be of more assistance...but i have just noticed that due to my prior confessions of P2P usage that my moral compass seems stuck pointing south  :eyes: : ..oh dear :cry: ...guess its hell for me :devil: ....fire and brimstone...the bottomless pit...the lake of fire.....shhh!!! can you hear it? there!!! off in the distance, the subtle, yet increasing sounds of

"Love is Blue"...aahhhhhh :Gehenna_demon: ...Well, i guess if I can get Lucy to straddle me like she did Landon Bryce in "A Room With no View", it wont be all that bad :clapping: .....will it? :ghostface:

Till the Last Change...Be Done...

The Fourth Horseman....


ahhh come on now horsemen you never had any moral recitude to begin with, everyone knows that :grin:

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ahhh come on now horsemen you never had any moral recitude to begin with, everyone knows that  :grin:


Slinger....give me just a minute, I am almost done downloading my files...ANYWAY, how dare you impune my integrity, character, or moral turpitude, sorry, rectitude.... :doh:

don't you have an outlaw to catch??? :fool: :grin: :snore:

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Most CERTAINLY shall you be cast down to perform ministerings to the Horned Beast (the osculum infame is a requirement unfortunately.) And ye, and forsooth and verily shalt thou be pricked (twice nightly) by pitchforks, rampant and unceasing in their prickings! And Woe! And Nay! etc. etc. etc.


I do confess, my friend, to having being called into temptation, downloading a P2P programme with the curtains closed, fingering my prayer beads in supplication, and no sooner did I have it in my possession that than brazen images assaulted me (otherwise known as sodding pop-ups). There were harlots advertising their doings and gambling adverts tempting me to give my paltry earnings to Sodom and Gomorra and hourly weather reports from Bogota (which is very sunny apparently)......


I would gladly succumb again if I knew how to stop such beasts. Any advice? Send me assistance and save both our souls.


Yours in P2Purgatory


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Guest krimou

Hi, I'm new here. This is one of the first posts I read, because Millennium score has always enchanted me...

It sounds so fascinating! I'd love to hear it. :yes:

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The piano rendition of the MillenniuM theme, while ocean waters wash ashore, is beautifully done.

I downloaded many of the cues a logn while back.


Piano? With Ocean waves???? OMG! I've gotta hear this!!! I feel so dumb, coming in on a conversation like this, and having no idea what you guys are talking about! :doh: Somebody help me! :praying:

These guys just won't answer my emails. I wonder what would happen if we just hosted it and gave credit? We could always remove them if asked or they could just sue my ass! What's left of it!


LOL :boody::tongue:

Hi, I'm new here. This is one of the first posts I read, because Millennium score has always enchanted me...

It sounds so fascinating! I'd love to hear it.  :yes:


Welcome, Krimou! :grouphug:

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there seems to be some confusion about M=1000, which i haven't yet had a chance to address because i seem to be on another continent.


M=1000 is/was a fan-created tribute. there are 11(? i think) songs by the following titles, but not in this order:


Midnight of the Century part 1/2

Frankly Speaking

One of Us

Dark Nights



World Serpent

Inside my Head

Fire Brothers

each song had a corresponding picture. they were available on the website i provided earlier, on .mp3 format (pic format i don't remember - i'm hoping i have them somewhere).

these songs were NOT music by mark snow, at least not entirely. many of them were existing songs (inside my head by bobby darin, arabian nights by tchikovsky (sp i know) the middle eastern sounding song i'm searching for, etc) which were mixed with what the creator termed 'effects' - breathing, a monkey screaming, a shrill bell ringing, heart beats, helicoptor blades, a muzzenin (islamic prayer caller) etc. at least one of the songs had several different voices repeating what sound to me like biblical phrases, and one had a recitation of 'the second coming' by w.b. yeats. also included were sound clips from the show, 'you can't stop it' from the judge (i believe), peter telling frank something like if not exactly 'you should know by now your daughter doesn't just dream' (in firebrothers - it's sort of about t4h/ttin/a bit tI/E, and sort of about none of those, but not ASBOG), several of frank's lines clipped together in 'frankly speaking', etc. the one mentioned earlier, called world serpent, has the MM theme played on piano at a slower tempo, to the background 'effect' of waves washing onto the ocean and gulls cawing. each song has a scene and a wider idea that's being focused on, included with the description.

like i said these went off line feb 28th of some year and i was damn lucky to stumble across them on maybe the 26th. (took me forever to dl, with dial up... but i perservered). i must have but don't remember e-mailing the creator an applausatory note, because a few months later i recieved a strange e-mail. i am forever greatful i opened it, b/c it was the artist of M=1000 saying that the songs part of the project was going to be put on CDs and available for sale. we recieved this e-mail b/c we'd expressed interest in the project. i was floored, i probably put the money and a letter in the mail within two days (that says a lot for me b/c i'm not very trusting). i got the cd maybe a week later, with a very nice cover/insert - not printed on any old home printer. and i've listened to the half-hour cd so often that i'm very worried about its stabiliby. b/c it's not a professional cd, it's computer burned...

so that is the story of M=1000, with which i am absolutely in love. i don't think i was on this board at the time, or i would've posted the link. i can't say anything about trading it on a p2p network, b/c while i know it's illegal i'm not innocent. i know i'd really want it, and rationalize MM to myself. i hope The Old Man is able to finally make contact, though i realize how hard it can be. like i said i can check to see if the letter i got back has any screen names/contact info. to reiterate: they're not mark snow's work, they're not and never were intended to accompany any bit of MM on-air, they're fan-created, not solely music/clips/lines from the show, and unfortunately have slipped under the radar and out of most peoples' grasps.

so. i think i may just have to go listen.

oh, and as for the middle eastern-sounding song that comes in at about 1:34 of the track 'Jerusalem'? the artist info is not on my cd case, iirc. i'll have to check again when i'm home, again. six weeks, baby.

- nothing, hoping she hasn't caused too much confusion/agony/illegal downloading


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  • Elders (Admins)

Its pretty incredible all right! Thanks for posting that history!

Amazing to see what can be acomplished by the fans, just look at MA-1.

When I found that site for some strange reason I didn't download the tracks at the time. I think I went back later and it had closed down. A couple of years ago somebody here had an FTP server set up and was sharing Millennium episodes (back when we were desperate of course!) and they had the m=1000 CD on there which is how I came to get it.

Apart from despatching Mabius to those guys, I don't know what else to do to get them to reply to my emails!

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i'm sorry, i may be dating/antidating (if that's possible) myself/proving i do indeed live under a rock, but:

Amazing to see what can be acomplished by the fans, just look at MA-1.

MA-1? am i seriously missing out on yet another brilliant sliver of MMness or is this something else entirely?

- nothing, who's still thrown off by NZ just having gone through daylight savings time that she can't create sentences with well-conjugated verbs

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