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Millennium - This Is Who We Are Welcome to Halloween Macabre!

The New Frank Black Series

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some thoughts i want to add is that Lance has mention several times about a MM movie.....apparently he mentions it in MM season 3 extras.....i wonder when that interview took place


you are right, he has mentioned it on the dvd, he has mentioned it in interview after interview, so has Carter for that matter. Its obviously falling on deaf ears at the present time, with both of them being so gun-ho about doing the deed...I would deduce from this that there is a high level of anxiety and nervousness running thru the top level shirts at Fox, given the track record of the initial series. I dont know if Carter and Henriksen, being the incredibly gifted, talented people that they are can bring this to pass by themselves. Fox will warrant any decisions based on the popularity the show would bring to the network via the ratings factor.I believe that a crucial element is just how much support would be given amongst the general population. We know how we all feel here at TIWWA because This is Who We Are..we have a strong representation of over 1200 members, and our collective passion may just be the fuel that starts the fire...

Its a very strong trilogy if you think about it, Chris Carter, Lance Henriksen, and all of us here at TIWWA...

Till the Last Change...Be Done..

The Fourth Horseman...

"And behold, a pale horse, and he who sat on it, his name was Death. Hades followed with him. Authority over one fourth of the earth, to kill with the sword, with famine, with death, and by the wild animals of the earth was given to him." REV 6:8


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i hope  just like everyone else  that  millennium returns  in some shape or form and just  like  other  people  would say lance is the man


I would love to see a movie but we may be better off with a miniseries...look at all the religious shows out there now..Frank Black would hit it off bigtime in this climate..Look at all the stupid ass made for TV movies that SCI-FI channel puts out every weekend. Imagine if they considered a Millennium miniseries , the show already has a built in fanbase of 2 million or more people. I think hoping for a motion picture as the way to see Millennium is asking a bit much but of course I would love it..

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I can live with a miniseries. It could at least test the waters for a possible new series.

Frank Black: I have seen the future where the battle between good and evil that has raged for millennia is fought to conclusion and the struggle for our hearts and minds is decided for all time.

We survive...maybe. But only by discarding the question that confuses us--"What do I want" and asking what the world...what the universe wants and needs...asking "What does life itself expect of me?".

Jordan Black: Which side wins, Daddy?

Frank: That's what I'm saying...it's up to us.

Jordan: We're all shepherds.

Frank: Yes honey. Yes we are.

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