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I did include this in another post but I think it got lost in the occultbable. This caveat is driving me mad. It's one of those strange continuity errors that was done deliberately in the X-Files and Millennium for reasons unknown. Once upon a time 'In Arcadia Ego'....Sonny is alarmed by the newspaper article she reads in the clinic waiting room, the article beside the one that reports their prison breakout is another reporting the murder, at the 'Ruby Tip Peep Show', of Joanne 'Calamity' Sandor with Seattle detectives requesting information on a black male suspect: meaning Arcadia must occur concurrently with the Pilot episode and seemingly in the initial stages of that investigation (which it obviously doesn't). If anyone can answer the mighty question 'WHY' please put me out of my misery (not in a Goodbye Charlie sense you understand.)

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Another excellent catch! Well spotted!

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Maybe it was a 'left over ' prop from the Pilot and they mearly inserted the prison break story to bring it 'up to date'. I have a friend who worked on Stargate and they were forever recycling old props!! I have the script for that ep and will check to see if anything is noted . :fool::ouro:

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