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Care to tell us why it's your favorite episode?



I am growing

And I am growing anxious

And I am growing weary

And I am growing closer

And I am growing up

And I am growing impatient

And I am growing leery

And I am growing wise

And I am growing less

And less

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<font color='#000000'>To me "Gehenna" was like trying to show the other side the Carter had in mind when making MM. The Pilot had no mention of the supernatural, or the possiblity of evil as a real thing. I think it kind of picks up where the Pilot left off to let us know that this isn't going to be just seriel killers. I think there was a bit of confusion with the public's preceptions and the writing staff not sure just what kind of stories to tell for a while.</font>

Actually I think there is a hint of the supernatural in the episode, which is "Gehenna", not "Gehanna." At the very end, the killer says "you see it too [apocalypse] and you can't stop it." Also, Franks's ability to determine the state of the corpse in the body bag is at least an example of more than ordinary abilities.

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It may be useful to also recall that the same actor (Bob Wilde) that we come to know as Mabius in later episodes plays Ricardo Clemente in Genenna...or are Mabius and Clemente one and the same?

I think it's up for us to decide whether or not Clemente is a demon or if he might also be the same "person" as Mabius.

In regards to a question raised early on in this thread about the timeline of Genenna in comparison to the pilot episode, there must have been a significant amount of time elapsed, since Jordan's puppy has grown quite a bit by the time Gehenna takes place.

The third episode (Dead Letters) takes place in August 1996. The date on the non-existent "Portland Herald" is August 6, 1996 (newspaper from which the killer is cutting articles). Ergo, Gehenna happens between Feb. and Aug. 1996.

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What an astute observation. It's worth bearing in mind that the newspaper props aren't always reliable tools to date the episodes. The newspaper seen in "In Arcadia Ego" for example dates the episode as running concurrently with the "Pilot" which we know can't be the case.

One day I'll see if I can create a timeline based on the newspaper dates seen in the episode. It might reveal some interesting findings.




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Just watched Gehenna for the second time. The mood from the Pilot continues. Plus: we learn a bit more about the Millennium Group. Ex Feds, very high observation and intellectual skills. But what is it Frank sees, when he sees something? We are the only witness to his "ability", so do we see what he sees? Or are these flashes just a symbolical representation of what he feels? Maybe he is psychic, meaning that his skills go beyond natural processing of external stimuli. That would be special, but not impossible. You guys know that people with Synesthesia process sensory input in a different way. They can describe seeing noises or hearing colours. Additional to that we do not need to wander off into esoteric theory to understand that everything is connected; Quantum theory can show that, too. So is it possible, that Frank Black is more than just a very good profiler? That he can process information and stimuli on such a way that he can feel or see what has happened to someone? And would he be able to control this gift while being with others? I am sure, the next episodes will reveal more, but as you guys know: I am new to the series and don't know yet. 

The more I watch (I watched until episode 4), the more I could imagine putting the Millennium universe into a pen and paper roleplaying game, where the players would take the roles of Millennium profilers working together with Frank. Or playing FBI Agents or Detectives in the same universe. I don't know if you heard of Delta Green? It is actually an RPG where you play FBI Agents in an X-Files-like universe...although it is not X-Files, it feels very much like it. The good thing about something like that would be, that the players could even play in forums, just like this one here.

But that is another story,


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Regarding what Frank sees, or how, I'm quoting myself from my post in the Pilot forum.  This is how I see it with my knowledge of the spirit realm.


We are spirits first and foremost, then we have a mind (similar to a computer), a soul (emotions and feelings), and they all reside in a physical body with senses.  Frank Black has an ability to tap into the spirit realm, as we all, but his was that he could see through the perpetrator's eyes.  But he's looking through the spiritual eyes, and why he would only get bits and pieces, because his ability was not fully developed or understood.

I had this experience myself many times.  One time when my youngest son was in the Navy on an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean.  In a quiet state of mind and soul, I not only was standing behind him, on the deck, looking out at the horizon, but then for a moment, I was seeing the horizon through his eyes.  That is what Frank experiences all the time.  The difference is, he never truly understood what and how this was happening  to him.

Fear is the complete opposite of love, and fear is what a perpetrator creates before committing his/her evil act.  Frank sees this fear because that's what most, if not all, of what killers feed on.  The fear validates their power and control.

Also, I think I stated that I don't believe Frank has an actual gift, but that is it an ability anyone can have if they understand it, and work on developing it.  The Yakui Indian, Don Juan, not only mastered this ability, but he used to travel in, through, and out of the spirit, just as Jesus did.  So yes, Frank was definitely "more than just a very good profiler."

Love the "@lex."


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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