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Who Wants A Virtual Season 5?

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Hello, everybody.

I was just reading around in here and I saw how much everyone wanted a virtual Season 5 to follow on from the outstanding Virtual Fourth, so I got to thinking: why don't we do one?

I'm a writer, not professional, but i've written many a fan-fic for all sorts of genres, and to carry on the virtual Millennium storyline would be an exciting task. But, I can't do it alone...

I just want to know if anyone is interested in getting this started. If there is an interest, i'll pursue it, but if not i'll let it lie and just bask in the Millennium on TV and script we already have.

Let me know.

This Is Who I Am.


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Guest ZeusFaber

Sounds interesting.

Unfortunately, I haven't read much of the VS4, so wouldn't be well versed on the continuity, but I'd certainly be interested in writing/producing, time permitting.

I guess it would depend on the tone and direction envisioned for the season.

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Just an update:

Glad there's interest, and thanks for the offer of a forum, Old Man.

I'm currently on holiday with almost zero Net access for the next few weeks, but upon my return, i'm gonna get this Virtual Season 5 organised. I really want to get it going.

And, JoeM, we'll see about that s/v :mabiuswoz'ere:

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Count me in too! I've done some writing in the MM RPGs here and would love the opportunity to add to the MM mythology. We should aspire to the same quality that MM VS4 was. I'll have to finish reading it through to the end.



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Okay, here's the team so far. As I say, i'm not yet regularly back on the Net to get the project going, but we do have a number of people interested. Here's the list:


The Old Man


Zeus Faber





Anyone else who wants in is MORE than welcome. Hopefully, now we have a few interested people, the Old Man might be kind enough to set us up a forum to begin the project when I return to much more regular Nettage.


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