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Upside Down Cross

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I am a bit curious and perhaps there is a member who can explain why in the beginning of "Anamnesis", when the girls are dancing around some kind of obelisk, amongst all the crosses hanging down is a wooden one that is upside down. An error in set dressing or perhaps it is represents something far more sinister..

Also, how come, at least in the first two seasons is this the only episode that the Family is introduced. Since there were active members (Ben Fisher), this could have been explored much further in later episodes, but died with this particular one...

Till the Last Change...Be Done..

The Fourth Horseman

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The upside down cross is the satanic version of the cross, seen as the ultimate blasphemy I think. It featured in the recent Revelations TV series.


Yes. I also remember once on The X Files, Scully saying something about inverted crosses...that it had originally been representative of St. Peter, I think, who insisted on being crucified upside down, out of humility to Christ, but that later the symbol was adopted by the satanic church.

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The upside down cross is the satanic version of the cross, seen as the ultimate blasphemy I think. It featured in the recent Revelations TV series.


Old Man...maybe i didnt phrase my intent well enough...i am aware that an inverted cross is satanic....however, in an episode dealing with angels, apparitions, baptism, etc, why include it? And at the beginning of the show. I can only deduce that it was put in as an omen that things werent going to go exactly as planned...maybe i'm wrong...

Re: The ultimate blasphemy ...(Matthew 12:30-32):

"He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters. Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. And whoever says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come."

See also

Mark 3:29

Luke 12:10

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Mighty Horseman,

I too cannot understand the decision to employ a satanic symbol amongst the rosaries and moons. I am also debating whether or not it is an equi-armed cross that dangles from the trees. The equi-armed cross or plus-sign (+), besides having roots on Celtic Christianity, is sometimes called "little star". I wondered if this is an allusion to the boat in the episode that bears the Black Madonna. The Virgin in medieval hymns was commonly referred to as stella maris: star of the sea, the mariner's guiding light. It also seems to be a reference to the Magdalene as the little star. Legends of Provence declare that the heavily laden Magdalene (or already a mother dependent upon sources) arrived in "a boat with no oars" at a place named Rha on the coast of Gaul that was sacred to the Goddess--the town now called Saintes Maries de la Mer. This mythology is central to the story in Anamnesis, without it there can be no Holy bloodline, as it is the Magdalene was said to be bearing the Holy Grail when she arrived in France. The crux of this Grail/Pregnancy debate was born from interpretations and re-interpretations of the word "sangraal" had, it seems, been misunderstood. When the word was broken after the "n" (san graal) it was thought to mean "Holy Grail," but if it was broken after the "g," the word rendered "sang raal," which in Old French meant "blood royal." Make of it all what you will.

I actually find Anamnesis incredibly hard work (in an enjoyable sense) it plays on so many hidden levels it is difficult to fragment it into a cohesive narrative. Two mythologies are depicted running concurrently throughout: the Merovingian/Sang Raal/Priory of Sion legends and the anamnesic channeling of the Gnostic Magdalene or Goddess Sophia. It can be interpreted that Claire is the descendant of the Magdalene or it can been seen that she is an incarnation of her. Anamnesis is usually understood as denoting 'memorable' or 'remembrance' in English but really gives expression to a concept for which a suitable translation is lacking. Remembrance implies that the person or the deed commemorated is past and absent, the word anamnesis suggests the exact opposite. It is an objective act, in and by which the person or event commemorated is actually made present and brought into the realm of the here and now.

I love the idea that the writers may have included a satanic cross as a subtle reference to the sheer heretical content of the story. It could be a clue that something darker runs through Claire McKenna as she is depicted to be capable of manipulation.

I agree on your comments regarding Ben Fisher and the Family. The Gnostic off-shoot of the Millennium Group. clearly Ben Fisher refers to the The Fisher King. In the Grail Mythos he is the holder of a few special objects, amongst which are a grail and a lance (the meaning of them is pretty obvious, but not stated by Chretien the writer). There also seems to be a nod to 'Simon of Cyrene' in the Family's emblem of the double crucifixion. Some early Christians, most notably the Gnostics believed the crucifixion of Christ was actually a fraud, an illusion perpetrated by Jesus who actually stood off to the side laughing while Simon of Cyrene died in his place. You don't get much more of an inverted view of Christianity do you - could this again be the reason for the inverted crucifix?

I also have another theory about this episode which, maybe, you could give consideration to. This episode seems to me to be a commentary on the visionary experience: the profundity and maturity of Claire's, the inane destructiveness of Lara's and Catherine's Scully-like-grip on rationality throughout. Many moons ago Arcanamundi pointed me to a exchange between Catherine and Claire that has taken me ages to reach a firm conclusion about, it is so enigmatic and has had me going all around the houses. Aracanamundi wrote, quite brilliantly, "...Speaking of the Chroniclers, there is an intriguing reference - fleeting but more than coincidental (I believe) - in 'Anamnesis'... when Catherine joins Claire McKenna on the park bench while she waits for a turn on the playground go-round. Claire says to Catherine, 'I used to be a Chronicler like you, only I believed; then I got tested like you, and then I didn't believe...' Catherine doesn't have a clue what Claire is talking about. 'Tested?' she says. Claire replies, 'By the man who took all the pictures of you. The man who told you the truth...'

There a scene in which Catherine appears to undergo an anamnesic episode of her own, a fleeting glimpse into the visionary experience and it occurs when Claire is reciting Gnostic text. Catherine is given a Frank-like experience of her own, images of her torture at the hands of the Polaroid man assault her and she is forced to flee the room and compose herself. 'I used to be a Chronicler like you, only I believed;' could this be in reference to the different way these two women react to the visionary experience, does Claire impart upon Catherine, fleetingly, a glimpse into her world?

I wish the family had returned, I did think they would make some rather fantastic fan-fiction if not a spin-off show of their own.

Thanks Fourth Horseman, you always, always get me thinking.

Till then,



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Guest Gatekeeper

Various people believe that the Merovingian bloodline is actually the seed bloodline of Satan and any reference to Jesus/Mary Magdalene is considered disinformation. This bloodline is commonly referred to as the 13th ("Royal") Illuminati bloodline. This line interwines with all the royal houses of europe and still has considerable influence today.

This might explain why a satanic cross is used in the episode "Anamnesis".

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