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The Old Man

Serial conman gets seven years

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This may not exactlty fit the criteira of "The Real World" but I can almost visualise an episode this UK criminal. The sheer scale or rather number of his crimes is amazing...

Serial conman gets seven years

15.22PM GMT, 7 Feb 2003

A serial conman who tricked his way into the homes of hundreds of elderly and vulnerable people has been jailed for seven years.

Martin Maloney together with an accomplice posed as police officers to trick their victims across the country and is believed to have stolen more than £266,000 in 18 months.

He was jailed at London's Harrow Crown Court after admitting nearly 600 break-ins.

Judge Robert Sich told the 22-year-old that he was an "total menace" who had left many shocked and vulnerable victims in his wake.

Maloney criss-crossed the country in his Range Rover looking for elderly victims.

Last November Maloney refused to attend court to be sentenced.

On that occasion he told prison officers at the high-security Belmarsh jail that he was not going to leave his cell.

Matthew Scott, defending, told that hearing his client was refusing to co-operate.

"The indication is that he is completely unwilling to leave his cell this morning. That is why he is not here," he told Judge Robert Sich.

The judge said he wanted to make it clear Maloney must be "produced" on the next occasion.

"Obviously it is not for him to decide whether to attend court or not. It would be rather an unfortunate precedent if defendants are allowed to decide that," he said.

Maloney has already pleaded guilty to two burglaries, but was due to ask for a further 588 to be taken into consideration before being dealt with.

You can read more and watch the video in real format here.


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Wow.  That's quite a story, and those elements could be woven into a really interesting fictional tale.

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Hi Brian,

I totally agree. I was just reading it again and thinking as a side issue, he took 588 burglaries into account.

That's 588 people or families lives he ruined or effected.


Gra. :ouro:

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