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Owls And Roosters

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Guest zombieromero

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Guest zombieromero

Having been a long time fan of Millennium I have fond memories of the two part story of Owls and Roosters. However, when re-examining these episodes on DVD I can appreciate them a lot more.

The visuals of these epsidoes are astounding, most high budget films don't look this good. When Peter Watts blows up the chateau and the Millennium Group exact their revenge, it almost brought a tear of delight to my eye.

So my question is this: Is this two part episode the best ever 2 part television production?

In my opinion it is the best thing committed to film. If you were to show both of these episodes back to back in a cinema it would lock as good if not better than most blockbusters.

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Guest ZeusFaber

I have to disagree.

IMO, "Owls" and "Roosters" are indicative of some of the worst sins committed by S2. Sure, they have great production values, but the story approach cemented how "Millennium" was simply not the same show that CC envisioned in S1.

This is just my viewpoint, but the chasing of religious relics, the fancy gadgets, and the neo-Nazi connections were completely the wrong direction for the show. Furthermore, the resolution to this particular plot in isolation was woeful -- after centuries of fierce opposition the Millennium Group is able to locate and defeat Odessa in the space of a thrity second music montage.

Although not strictly a two-parter, I'd prefer to watch "Lamentation" and "Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions" back to back in a cinema any day of the week.

Just my opinions of course, and I very much enjoy hearing and discussing their opposites.

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Guest zombieromero

After thinking about it I do agree with some of the points which you have made ZeusFaber. I do think that the defeating of Odesa was fairly swift considering the amount of build-up and backstory which was given.

But compared to most two part television episodes, Owls and Roosters were fantastic.

Anyone else have an opinion.

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Lamentation and Powers goes down in my book as the creepiest.

Owls and Roosters may be the most intense of the 2-parters.

But then there's the season 3 premere and the three season ending 2-parters, if you include Parer Dove/Beginning.

I find them all to be very good episodes.

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