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What If Chris Carter Hired You?

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If you could add another character to the MM series based on you.......who would this character be?

I will start

Since Frank does not seem to have friends outside his work, i would be his old high school buddy Joe Ripken. The scenario could be he runs into me while working a case in Seattle. We meet up and hang out together either at his house or a sports bar. Since my character is based on me, i will be the comic relief. Someone he could be himself with and get away from his stressful job. Heres a scene......

Frank invites Joe over to watch a Seahawks game at his house. Joe and Frank sit on the sofa watching TV while Jordan runs around the room. Catherine walks through.

Joe: Geez Frank, where did you find her?

Frank: We met through a mutual friend and we hit it off.

Joe: Your a lucky guy with a wife like that.

Frank: Yeah i did pretty well for myself.

Catherine walks in the room with beer and pretzels.

Catherine: Joe do you need anything else?

Joe: Yeah do you have a sister?

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LOL! Why does that not surprise me, Joe? :b_wink:

This is a wonderful, fun idea!

I may do a scene tomarrow for this, since I'm not good at coming up with things spontaneously.

O.K. I would be a Millennium Group new recruit, who has a gift similar to Frank's and Laura's. This would be at the point where Frank has stopped trusting the group, and they run him into me the way they did Laura, hoping to draw him back in, with the bait of someone who's having trouble with their "gift" who needs his help.


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Guest lonegungrrly1121
Well, if THAT's the game, then I get to be Frank's lover while he and Catherine were superated!  :tongue:  :kissypoo:  :gaba:


LOL! :clapping: excellent choice!

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My addition to the series would be Maxx Blackwell as it's a fictional identity rather than my own.

Maxx is now a Millennium Group member. Not a field op in the normal sense for the group, Maxx is a resource type guy. His specialties are writing, research, photography and speculation. As a picture thinker he's gifted in pattern recognition which serves to intuitively tell what's important to photograph in detail.

Maxx came to the attention of the Group's Canadian branch headquarters in Ottawa through the channels of assisting the RCMP and the local police detachments in the Ottawa area providing forensic photography services.

What brought him to the attention of the group as a potential candidate, was an exhibit of his photos on display at the Canadian Museum of Photography. They portrayed a dark view of the world we live in, but the images were blurred, deviant in nature, seemingly influenced by the work he was doing in forensic photography. This interested Lara, who was assisting in an investigation through the branch office in Ottawa and her gut feeling was there there was more to the photos thn just impressionistic artwork.

As a civilian freelance crime scene photographer he had been to many crime scenes and crossing jurisdictions as he did, he played a part in the capture of a few serial killers. He is well known for his work as a photographer among the forensic analyist community and as such has worked some high profile cases also.

Maxx writes mainly for pleasure but also uses his research and writing skills for consulting work also. He has written a number of novellas and is working on a novel all of which are in the horror/supernatural/occult genres and are published under the pen name of Maxwell Stephens.

Lara informed the Group concerning her suspicions about Maxx and it was decided that further investigation was required. Maxx was hired by the Group to put together a research paper for them on Canadian serial killer husband and wife team of Paula Bernardo and Karl Homolka. For this project he was teamed up with Frank Black. As part of their work they reviewed the crimes of Karl and Paula, went to former crime scenes, reviewed reports, conducted interviews with investigators on the case, author's who had written about them and finally with Karl and Paula. During the two weeks they worked togeher on this Frank put together a profile on Maxx for the group which was instrumental in determining his potential as a candidate along with the analysis of the photos and report he submitted. While working together Frank discovered that the photos Maxx took were from his crime scene photo sessions - not artwork as he'd said - latent after-images of the places where crimes took place. Effectively a similar ability to Frank's but where he envisioned them on the canvas of his mind, Maxx captured them in film and pixels. Frank confronted him on this, and shared with him the nature of his own ability.

This resulted in Maxx being brought in as a consultant in a case that Peter and Frank were working on, primarily to allow Peter to test him out. Peter approved him for candidacy and a formal offer was given through the Canadian Millennium Group office in Ottawa.

Waddaya think?

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Guest LucyButler2000

Cool question!

I would have to be Joshua Watts, Peter's long-lost brother who is also a member of the MillenniuM Group.

Joshua would be the group's "Dirty-Laundry-Cleaner" kinda guy". he despises the fact that Peter is unwilling to go to ANY lengths to protect the group.

Sorta like the smoking-man...only better ;)

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